Top 6 Kids Desks Available In USA

Selecting a kids desk is always a daunting task. If you are looking for a study desk for your kid, you should consider your kid’s taste as well. There are a variety of kids desks available in USA, however you should choose the one that suits your kid (not you). As a parent, I always look for a study desk with some storage facility. A hutch is always a great addition to a student’s desk.

Most kids desks don’t have enough storage space. I mean, if you are a student you are going to have a lot of books and you want to keep it somewhere. Keeping it right on your study desk makes it easily accessible. It helps to keep your concentration level high as you are not moving around to get your books while studying.

Below is the list of top 5 kids desks available in USA.

6. Lipper Child’s Chalkboard Desk and Chair Set

This is more of a chalkboard than a study desk, suitable for elementary school students. There is a small storage compartment underneath the chalkboard. However, you can’t store many books there. The desk is slightly slanted. There is a storage space for chalks, pens, pencils and other stuffs. The price is around $80.


  • 25-1/2 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 26 inches high; 11-3/4-by-13-by-23-1/2-inch chair

Lipper Kids Desk Pros

  • Solid
  • Good size
  • Low price

Lipper Kids Desk Cons

  • Good for only pre-school students
  • Less storage space

5. 4D Concepts Student Desk

4D Concepts Student Desk

When it comes to storage space, this student desk tops my list of best kids desk available in USA. It comes with 6 removable, foldable canvas drawers with purple and pink colors. However the colors looked a bit ordinary to me. It is very easy to assemble as well. It has a bad odor, to be honest; the smell of formaldehyde is unpleasant. It will take some days for the smell to fade out. The unit costs around $150.

4D Concepts Kids Desk Pros

  • Big storage space
  • Sturdy

4D Concepts Kids Desk Cons

  • Bad odor
  • Narrow leg space

4. Canwood Kids Desk

Canwood Kids Desk

This desk is very easy to assemble. It comes with a decent storage space. It has a very simple yet good looking design. It meets all US safety standards and comes with 1 year limited warranty. All parts of this desk is not made of wood, some parts are made of particle board. It costs around $240. I won’t recommend this desk for that price, buy it when the price comes down to $180.

Canwood Kids Desk Pros

  •  Simple design
  • Good storage space

Canwood Kids Desk Cons

  • All parts are not real wood
  • High price

3. Legare Kids Desk with Hutch

Legare Kids Desk with Hutch

This one is a little beauty. The shelves are adjustable with concealed cable management. It is very cute looking and enamel finish adds to its beauty. Dimensions are 36″ W x 26″ D x 45″ H. The price is around $200.

Legare Kids Desk Pros

  • Good looking
  • Nicely priced
  • Durable

Legare Kids Desk Cons

  • Small storage space
2. Legare 43-Inch Kids Desk
Legare 43-Inch Kids Desk review

This one has good storage space. The table top is really spacious. It is very easy to assemble this unit. It is more of a computer desk, but it is as good as any study desk. The shelves are adjustable. It costs around $200.

Legare 43-Inch Kids Desk Pros

  • Easy to assemble
  • Pretty looking
  • Great price

Legare 43-Inch Kids Desk Cons

  • More of a computer table

1. South Shore Axess Kids Desk

South Shore Axess Kids Desk review

This one has everything, be it storage space, looks, comfort everything. South Shore Desk tops my list of top 5 kids desk available in USA. It’s selling point is its price. At just under $90, this is the best kids desk available. It is not very easy to assemble this unit but you will take it for that price. Keep this unit away from water, otherwise it will get damaged.

South Shore Kids Desk Pros

  • Good storage space
  • Good looking
  • Low price

South Shore Kids Desk Cons

  • Not water proof

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