Liquid Ass Fart Spray Review

Liquid Ass Fart Spray Features

Highly concentrated horrible smelling product. Liquid Ass evaporates quickly and it spreads the room with poo smell.

Liquid Ass Fart Spray User Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : HIGH

This one smells so bad, I swear. Liquid Ass says it is a fart spray, but it smells like shit. It can bring peace on earth for sure. This one comes in 1 fl oz bottle, its enough believe me. You just need to spray a little and all hell breaks loose. A single spray is good enough to clear out a big room.

Liquid Ass is No.1 in my list of prank products as it doesn’t harm people. It just smells shit that’s all. Application methods are printed on the bottle itself. It works best when you have a lot of people in the room. Spray once and they will all start searching for shit.

At times I doubted whether Liquid Ass is made of real human stuff, it smells that real. Have fun with this one.


  • Super stinky
  • Smells shit


  • Life at stake, if you are caught

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