Singer One Plus Review

Singer One Plus is listed among ‘Machines You Can Buy With Your Eyes Shut’. It’s features and performance has stunned me. Worth the price for sure.

Singer One Plus Computerized Sewing Machine Features

  • 221 built-in stitches
  • Programmable needle up/down
  • Memory to save custom designs
  • Extra-large sewing space
  • Extra-high presser foot lifter

Singer One Plus Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : HIGH

Singer One Plus is an upgraded version of the Singer One which we reviewed earlier. We were not highly impressed with Singer One, let us see how Singer One Plus goes.

Singer One Plus is a computerized sewing machine made for advanced users. It has 221 built-in stitches. Built-in stitches include 212 decorative stitches, 5 stretch stitches, 7 essential stitches and 7 fully automatic 1-step buttonholes including 1 endless buttonhole. The buttonhole foot that comes with this sewing machine is really good as it is more convenient than conventional buttonhole foot while sewing multiple layers.

The LCD screen of Singer One Plus is pretty good. It does a very good job in providing an easy view of stitch and its settings such as the length and width. You don’t need the foot pedal to operate this sewing machine (not a big surprise, even cheaper sewing machines have it nowadays). The sewing speed control slider is fitted in front of the sewing machine. The programmable needle up/down feature is another good one. It makes the machine to stop with the needle in highest up position which makes it easier to remove fabrics. The needle down position will come handy while quilting or pivoting.

Singer One Plus has a stitch elongation button which can be used to make some select stitches (8 to be precise) two three times longer. Singer says this machine has a SwiftSmart threading system. The SwiftSmart threading system is not that much different from the system we find on other advanced sewing machines. SwiftSmart threading system along with the automatic needle threader provide effortless threading. You can just drop the bobbin and start sewing as Singer One Plus comes with a drop-in bobbin system.

The presser foot sensor on Singer One Plus reduces the chance of thread bunching by preventing the operation while the presser foot is raised. You can do twin needle sewing on this machine by just pressing the twin needle button. One very good feature of Singer One Plus is that it has an extra-large sewing space of 14.7″, which is really helpful while working on larger projects.

Another good feature of Singer One Plus is the capability to do combination stitches. You can even save them on the memory to create custom designs. The stitch length and width are automatically set for optimal sewing. However, you have the liberty to adjust them manually.

Some other features of Singer One Plus are

  • 3 stay bright LEDs
  • Removable free arm
  • Tacking stitch button
  • Automatic tension
  • Automatic presser foot pressure control
  • Automatic reverse
  • Sewing speed of 750 stitches/min
  • Thread cutter
  • Snap on presser feet
  • Extra-high presser foot lifter
  • 25 year limited warranty


Feature wise Singer One Plus is a rockstar, no question about it. It operates very quietly for such a high end sewing machine. The stitches are smooth and perfect, the feeding system is excellent. Threading is something that most people complain about, but you need to read the instructions well, to understand how to thread the machine. Once you understand how to do it, it won’t be a problem at all.

The automatic needle threader works quite well, unlike some other Singer models. One thing I really like about this machine is that the stitches you use most often can be selected by pressing the button. Direct selection of stitches is a user-friendly feature. Another cool feature that most sewers like is the ability to do combination stitches to create custom designs. Creativity has no limit on this machine. Moreover, you can save your designs on the memory. The 3 stay bright LED work lights do a decent job of illuminating the work space.


The thread cutter is awkwardly placed. It takes some time to get used. The start/stop button won’t work with the foot pedal plugged in. The instruction manual is not that easy to understand.


  • Quite a lot of features
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Smooth and even stitches
  • Worth the price


  • Awkwardly placed thread cutter
  • User manual is not that detailed


The artist in you will not feel stranded with Singer One Plus, you can fly freely in the world of creativity. This sewing machine has all the features to satisfy your quest for creativity. I have done quite a lot of reviews on sewing machines, I don’t quite recollect all the models, but there are some models that will stick in your mind for a while simply for the usability and features, Singer One Plus is one of that kind. Highly recommended, if you are an advanced sewer.

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