Brother SE 350 vs SE400

Brother SE 350 is an outdated embroidery machine. Brother has come up with an upgraded version in SE400. The choice between SE350 and SE400 is a no-brainer.

Brother SE 350 vs SE400 comparison is something that most people will be looking for. The main reason is because both the models are excellent embroidery machines in addition to being wonderful sewing machines.

Brother SE 350 vs SE400 Features

Feature wise, both machines are identical except that SE400 comes with a USB port to connect your computer. What this means is that, you can save the money spend for buying software and card reader or writer to import embroidery designs. That is a costly affair with SE350. With SE400, you just need to connect the USB cable that comes with the machine to your computer and you can upload embroidery designs directly from the internet. You will get a lot of designs for free from (Brother’s website for downloading embroidery designs). You can also update your machine software with the help of USB port.

Brother SE 350 vs SE400 – Which One To Buy?

So, the USB port on SE400 saves you a lot of money spend on software and card reader/writer. Moreover, SE350 is a discontinued model. It is still available on some online and retail stores though. The most interesting thing is that, SE350 costs almost double of SE400. Who will spend double the price for an inferior machine like SE350, when you can get a machine with better features at half the price. That is some ridiculous pricing I must confess.

Both the machines are identical except for the USB connectivity. So don’t even think of buying SE350. Moreover, SE400 is a highly rated embroidery machine, it features in the Sewing Machine Reviews list of ‘Machines You Can Buy With Your Eyes Shut’ for a reason and the reason is its quality and affordability.

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