SINGER 6199 Review

To be honest SINGER 6199 needs some improvement in design and performance. You will be better of considering other models from Singer.

SINGER 6199 Brilliance Sewing Machine Review

  • 100 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 6 1-step and 1 Endless buttonhole
  • 13 needle positions

SINGER 6199 Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : LOW

This belongs to the ‘Brilliance’ range of sewing machines rolled out by Singer. The features on-board clearly suggests that this is an intermediate sewing machine. 6199 packs 100 built-in stitches under its armory, which include 9 Basic, 76 Decorative, 8 Stretch and 7 Buttonholes. The buttonholes include 6 1-step and 1 endless. Endless buttonhole means you are lot limited by traditional buttonhole sizes. Automatic needle threader saves eye strain. Stitch width and length are automatically set for optimal sewing, however you can override them for customization. Maximum stitch width is 6.5mm.

SINGER 6199 features automatic tension for keeping the stitches balanced and even. Even though the outer parts of this machine is made of plastic, its inner frame is made of heavy-duty metal which provides extra stability. It is not a big deal as almost all machines in U.S come with a heavy-duty metal frame, even those $100 machines. Sew anything from knits to denim with the automatically set presser foot pressure. The extra-high presser foot lifter offers maximum clearance for multiple layer of fabrics. It has 13 variable needle positions. There is a button for reverse and reinforce stitch. This machine is free arm capable as well.

The motor is capable of delivering 750 stitches/min.This machine comes with a hard cover and extension table. Make sure that the store you buy offers both these additional benefits, as the final price includes the price of hard cover and extension table.

Is It Worth Buying ?

When you look at the features and the price, you might be tempted to go for SINGER 6199. However, it is not a popular model from Singer. There are several reasons for it. Some of them are

LED Lights : The lighting is not great. The design of the machine is such that even exterior lighting is of little help.

Foot Pedal : The foot pedal response seems very inconsistent. There seems to be a sweet spot where you get optimum response, you need to find that sweet spot exactly.

Thread breaking and Jamming : This has been the main issue. Re-threading doesn’t seem to fix the problem. It is something with the design of the machine I guess. Getting the tension right is a tough job.


SINGER 6199 is a doesn’t live up to the quality expectations from a Singer machine, it has to be said. You can’t blame the operator for all the issues. This machine does misbehave in some ways. I won’t recommend this machine at all. This machine really needs some sort of a redesign or something I guess. One alternative model I can suggest is the Singer 7258. It is a quality machine which won the Women’s Choice Award for the best home sewing machine. It is a fully computerized sewing machine with features like start/stop switch, speed control etc. It is way better than 6199. It has much more features, but costs few extra dollars more. But you will not regret spending the extra money for sure.

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