Top 10 Best Sergers Available In U.S

The ultimate list of Top 10 Best Sergers available in U.S. The list does not include those low quality $100 sergers. This is the best of the best sergers list.

Sometimes choosing a serger is easy, especially when you are very clear about your requirements. But most of the times, it is a challenging task to choose the best serger, especially in a country like United States where you get at least a dozen brands selling top quality sergers with tons of features. A serger is something that you would like to use for at least 5 years. It is an important part of your business and if you buy a cheap one with inconsistent performance, your business will suffer. So you are always advised to focus on machines that are of very good quality.

Taking the above point into account, we at Sewing Machine Reviews have created an updated list of Top 10 Best Sergers. We have omitted those poor machines as we never recommend a bad machine to our readers, which you can clearly see from our recommendation level for each machine. This list contains the best of the best sergers available in U.S.

10. Brother 2340CV

This is a cover stitch machine, not a real serger. It has features like 3 needles, differential feed system, chain stitch and 6mm triple needle cover stitches. You can do tri cover, cover, utility, flatlock and decorative stitches on this machine.

Pros : Weighing at just 15 pounds, it is easy to carry around. This machine is very good for one specific purpose, doing cover stitch. Actually the quality of stitches are as good as those $1500 industrial machines. When you consider that, the price seems to be very reasonable.

Cons : Brother 2340CV does not have automatic tension release which is a drawback as it will take at least a couple of attempts to get used to the manual tension release system. This machine is not highly recommended unless you want a cover stitch machine.

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9. Siruba HSO-747D

Siruba is not a popular serger brand in U.S. But this particular model features among the best selling sergers due to its low cost and reasonably good performance. But still it is not highly recommended by Sewing Machine Reviews. We had to include it in the list because it is the least expensive serger that has some sort of quality associated with it. It is a two needle convertible 3 or 4-thread serger. It has differential feed mechanism, free arm capability and adjustable presser foot.

Pros : Not a lot of bells and whistles, but it seems to be a good one for basic stuffs. Micro safety switch is one good feature. While reviewing, it gave us satisfactory results and worked well on different kinds of fabrics.

Cons : We are not sure about the durability of this machine as it is made of very cheap quality plastic. Also, the warranty is just 1 year which is not acceptable at all.

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8. SINGER 14T968DC

This is the most expensive serger in this list. It is a serger designed for real professionals. The best thing about this serger is that it has both overlock and coverstitch capability. Some other features are automatic tension, upper moveable knife, 2/3/4/5 thread stitch capability, automatic and manual presser foot pressure adjustment.

Pros : The overlock and coverstitch combination is the highlight of this machine. This is the only serger in this list which has both the features. This is a machine with so many features that you will normally see only on $1000 and above sergers. The automatic tension feature is absolutely stunning.

Cons : The work light is dim to be honest. This serger does not have free arm capability. This machine is on the heavier side as well.

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7. Janome 8002D

This is a highly underestimated serger. It has 3 or 4 thread overlock stitching capability, built-in rolled hem and differential feed system.

Pros : Few people who bought this serger have given 100% positive feedback. That is the reason why we said, it is an underestimated machine. You can easily convert this machine to rolled hem mode without removing the needle plate. It is a very quiet machine. Smooth and quiet operation is something that would impress anyone.

Cons : Slightly complicated threading is the only con of this machine.

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6. Juki MO654DE

This is the third most expensive serger in the list of Top 10 Best Sergers. It has 2/3/4 Thread options, built-in rolled hemming, industrial tension and cutting system, disengaging loopers, built-in sewing guage and differential feed mechanism.

Pros : It is a highly stable machine with little vibration while operating. Stitch quality is pretty impressive. It has an amazing knife that cuts through any kind of fabric. This machine does an equally good job at high and low speeds. Speed control and precision is something that we really liked about this serger. It is portable as well.

Cons : The in-built light and the user manual requires a lot of improvement.

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5. SINGER 14J250 Stylist II

Absolute champion for heavy stuffs like denim.  It has 2-3-4 Stitch capability, differential feed system, built-in needle threader and thread cutter and 4 built-in rolled hems. It has some nice additional features like the upper moveable knife, open threading system and adjustable cutting width gauge.

Pros : This machine sews through denim like butter. It has a wonderful stretch mode as well. It is a sturdy and stable serger.

Cons : The lighting is very poor. Slightly difficult to thread during initial set up.

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4. SINGER 14CG754

This is a best seller. It has 2-3-4 thread capability, differential feed system and free arm capability. It has 4 built-in rolled hems. A lever is provided for converting to rolled hem. Free arm makes sewing cuffs and sleeves effortless. It has a moveable upper knife as well.

Pros : It provides smooth and consistent results. It is one of the least expensive sergers in this list.

Cons : The machine seems to be noisy. Flimsy looking spool holders.

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3. JUKI MO644D

It is an absolute beginners delight. If you are looking for a user-friendly serger, do not look any further. It is a 2/3/4 Thread serger with automatic rolled hem, differential feed and heavy-duty knife system. The automatic rolled hem provides nice and neat finish. You can change to rolled hem with the flip of a switch.

Pros : In terms of user-friendliness, this serger scores above all the best sergers in this list. It does a very good job with multiple layers of fabrics. It is very quiet as well. Stability is also good. It is an awesome machine, especially for light and medium weight fabric. Majority of people who bought JUKI MO644D are beginners, which will give you an idea about its ease of use.

Cons : There are no big issues to point out.

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2. Brother DZ1234

A defect less and flawless serger. It is the 2nd best serger you can get. It loses out to 1034d just because of the slightly higher price. Otherwise, this machine would have been sitting pretty on the top of the list. It is a 3/4 thread serger with differential feed. It has free arm capability and adjustable presser foot pressure. It can do rolled hems as well.

Pros : The ease of use is really commendable. Threading is a walk in the park. It sews through all kinds of fabrics with ease. It comes with a $75 worth set of accessories. That is the reason why it is priced higher than 1034d, otherwise both machines are the same.

Cons : I had a hard time finding a limitation of this machine. None to say.

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1. Brother 1034d

Be it the ease of use, quality or price, there is no other serger to beat this beast. Brother 1034d is the best seller among all sergers. It is a cute little beast with 3/4 thread capability, differential feed, rolled hem and free arm. Other additional features are adjustable on/off knife, adjustable foot pressure and brightly lit workspace.

Pros : Beginners can easily set this machine up. The quality of stitches are very good. It can sew any kind of fabric without any trouble. The low price is the highlight of this serger. Probably that is the reason why this serger is on top of the best sellers list. It has been the best seller for quite a while now. It has the highest ‘customer satisfaction’ rating as well. We are going to include this serger in our list of ‘Machines You Can Buy With Your Eyes Shut’ soon.

Cons : Nothing at all.

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