SINGER HD-110 Heavy Duty Review

Singer HD-110 looks beautiful but looks doesn’t transform into performance. Its performance is not quite as good as expected. Singer could have done a better job with it.

SINGER HD-110 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine – Main Features

  • 1,100 stitches per minute
  • 10 built-in stitches
  • 4-step buttonhole
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Extension table

SINGER HD-110 Review

SINGER HD-110 review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : LOW

Whenever you search for a heavy duty sewing machine, you must have come across Singer HD-110. It is not because it is the best heavy duty sewing machine in US, but because there are not too many heavy duty beginners sewing machines available. HD-110 in all ways is a beginners sewing machine. It doesn’t have a lot of built-in stitches, just about 10 of them. It has a very strong motor, which is pretty good in fact. It can deliver a whopping 1,100 stitches per minute, on other machines you normally get around 800 stitches per minute.

Singer HD-110 has a stainless steel bed plate to add to durability. It has a 4-step buttonhole, which seems to be a handicap as it can be difficult to create buttonholes, especially for the beginners. A 1-step buttonhole would have been ideal for beginners, but for some reason all heavy duty models available in US feature 4-step buttonholes only. You will get an extension table along with this machine, which will be handy while working on larger projects. The extension table is quite beautiful, it has to be said.

Singer HD-110 comes with an automatic needle threader and a top drop-in bobbin system. Since there are only 10 stitches available, the selection is quite easy. There is a built-in light to assist you in the dark.  The machine weighs 16 pounds which is not that heavy for a heavy duty sewing machine. It has 25 year limited warranty.


When you think about a heavy duty machine the two words that will come to your mind is sturdy and durable. Singer HD-110 does look durable but performance wise, it may disappoint you to a certain extent. This machine has a strong motor but other components doesn’t compliment its capability. These are the things I personally experienced while using this machine, there are other users who found this machine working without any trouble.


The foot pedal of Singer HD-110 is not quite sensitive. The machine tends to skip stitches often which might affect the overall quality of the project. The built-in light is very dim.

Is It Worth Buying ?

Heavy duty sewing machines tend to last longer than computerized and plastic machines, so you must invest on a machine that is going to serve you well for at least 10 years. In that case, the build quality of Singer HD-110 is good enough to serve you for more than 10 years. But, the primary purpose of a sewing machine is to provide quality stitching, for which HD-110 doesn’t quite live up to the expectations of an average sewer.

Performance wise, Singer HD-110 needs improvement. Other heavy duty machines I can suggest are Janome HD1000 and Singer 4423. Janome HD1000 has the same price as Singer HD-110 and it is the best heavy duty beginners sewing machine I ever came across. It has 14 built-in stitches as well.

Singer 4423 costs a lot of dollars less than Singer HD-110. You can technically call it as a low cost heavy duty machine, even though it has some plastic parts. It has 23 built-in stitches. It is way better than Singer HD-110 in performance. The low price is also an attractive factor. If your top priority is ‘heavy duty’, you will be better of going with Janome HD1000.

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