Brother PE770 vs Designio DZ820E – Comparison

A side by side comparison of Brother PE770 and Designio DZ820E to understand which one offers more in value and performance. No more confusion.

PE770 and Designio DZ820E are two excellent entry level embroidery machines from Brother. Currently there is a decent price difference between them (DZ820E being the expensive one). Quality wise, both are excellent machines. It seems PE770 is more popular in U.S because of the lower price tag. Since these machines are almost identical, we need to analyze and find out which one offers more in value.

Brother PE770 vs Designio DZ820E Feature Comparisonbrother pe770 vs dz820eAbsolutely no difference between features. Even the weights are same.

Brother PE770 vs Designio DZ820E Performance Comparison

Tie here as well. Both machines are easy to set up. The LCD touch screens are very easy to understand and operate. Stitches look beautiful. There is nothing to complain about these two machines in terms of quality.

What Makes The Difference ?

The answer to this question makes the difference between spending or saving some dollars. The only difference between Brother PE770 and Designio DZ820E is in the number of accessories you get. What makes DZ820E expensive is the added value package of accessories you get, which according to Brother is worth more than $200. You will get 2 extra hoops, embroidery starter kit and 200 additional embroidery designs with Designio machine. You don’t need to worry about the 200 designs which comes in the CD, there are not many attractive designs on it. All you need to worry about is the two extra hoops and the embroidery starter kit you get. I did the math and found out that if you buy the extra hoops and kit separately, it will cost you about $100. So technically speaking, you will be saving few dollars if you buy DZ820E.

The savings come into play only if you consider the price of PE770 and add the cost of extra hoops and embroidery kit to it. If you plan to buy just the PE770 machine and is not interested in the extras you get with the other machine, it still is a good deal.


Brother PE770

Brother Designio DZ820E

Embroidery Hoops

Only one 5” x 7”

Three 5” x 7”, 4” x 4”, 2.5” x 1”

Additional Designs & Pattern


200 designs on a CD (no great looking designs in it, to be honest)

Embroidery Starter Kit




In the past, most people went for PE770 as the price difference was quite large. Now that the price difference has decreased, it is very clear that Designio DZ820E offers more in value than PE770. The only difference is in the color of the machines, everything else is the same. You can save the pain of searching and buying compatible accessories as DZ820E comes with a complete package. However the price difference will keep on fluctuating according to shopping seasons.

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