Michley SS-602 Review

Michley SS-602 needs a lot of improvement as far as stitch quality is concerned. It might be good for Kids though. Still I am not really impressed.

Michley SS-602 Sew & Sew Sewing Machine Features

  • 12 built-in stitches
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • Free arm
  • 2 speed sewing
  • Adjustable stitch length and width

Michley SS-602 Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : LOW

Michley always comes up with inexpensive sewing machines for U.S customers. You can’t call SS-602 as an inexpensive sewing machine. Michley SS-602 comes with 12 built-in stitches. There are 60 stitch functions in total. The machine is free arm capable for sewing cuffs and sleeves. It has one-step button sewing and a 4-step buttonhole sewing function. The surprising thing is that this machine has a hand switch similar to the speed control slider that you get on expensive, computerized sewing machines. So you can call this an electronic sewing machine. There are 2 speed settings, Low and High. You can use the conventional foot pedal if you like it that way. It comes with automatic thread rewind function as well. The drop-in bobbin is another advantage.

Michley SS-602 has double thread capacity. Stitch length and width are also adjustable. Reverse sewing lever is provided in front of the machine. A built-in storage compartment is provided for storing the accessories. Built-in LED bulb provides extra lighting. A manual thread cutter is also provided. The machine is pretty light in weight, it weighs just 8 pounds. This is not a battery operated machine, it works in AC only. As far as the features are concerned, it looks like a pretty good machine on paper. Now let us have a look at the usability.


Michley SS-602 has some good variety of stitches for a beginner. It is very lightweight and easy to carry, especially if you are attending sewing classes. But there is nothing that will make you go crazy. The thread seems to break pretty often. I personally had a pretty hard time with thread breaking, it may work for you I don’t know. The stitch quality is not great to be honest. It lacks consistency. The machine struggles with medium thick layers of fabrics, which is not great at all. The lack of extra accessories is another problem. It doesn’t have a lot of accessories to excite you as a beginner.


  • Lightweight
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • Two sewing speeds


  • Inconsistent stitches
  • Thread breaking
  • Not a lot of accessories

Is It Worth Buying ?

I am not really convinced with the quality of Michley SS-602. It may work for children who generally sew lightweight fabrics. But the quality is not up to the mark, for it to be considered as a good beginners sewing machine.

The alternative machine I can suggest is the Brother XL2600I which is few dollars cheaper. It comes with 25 built-in stitches, automatic needle threader, 1-step buttonhole and a lot of accessories. It is one of the best beginners sewing machine in the under $100 price category. Personally, I am a great fan of that machine. It has been the best seller for quite some time now.

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