Janome 3434D Serger Review

Janome 3434D doesn’t have an ideal threading system. But if you take that part out, it is a good serger for basic needs.

Janome 3434D Serger Features

  • 3/4 thread serging
  • Differential feed
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Built-in rolled hem
  • Color coded threading

Janome 3434D Serger Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : MODERATE

Janome 3434D, you might not have heard a lot about this serger. It is true that it isn’t the most popular serger model from Janome, like Janome 8002D and others, but it packs some good features for sure. After all these years with sewing machines, I can assure you one thing, Janome won’t compromise on quality. Janome machines may be expensive but they are never short on quality, that is the best thing I love about Janome as a brand. Even then, I won’t approach 3434D with a pre-occupied mindset that every Janome machine is wonderful. Only a closer look will reveal whether Janome 3434D lives up to the expectations or not.

Janome 3434D is a 3/4 thread serger. This model is also known as Juno 3434D, so don’t think that they are different. It comes with differential feed mechanism, which has become pretty much the standard for all modern day sergers. Differential feed ensures smooth and perfect seams across different types of fabrics. One nice feature of this serger is that you can easily change from overlock stitch to rolled hem without changing the plate.

The stitch length can be adjusted from 1mm to 4mm. All stitch adjustments and selection is done with the dial. Retractable knife is really handy, especially when you don’t want to trim the fabric or want some extra space for threading. You can also adjust the cutting width from 3.1mm to 7.3mm. The maximum sewing speed is 1,300 stitches per minute (this seems to be the standard for all sergers in the price category). Extra high presser foot lift provides good clearance for accommodating bulky fabrics. In addition to all these features, Janome also claims that it has whisper-quiet operation. But we need to test it to know whether the claim is true. The serger weighs around 14.5 pounds which is not that heavy. It is a compact serger and won’t occupy a lot of space.


Even though Janome 3434D comes with color coded threading, it is not the easiest serger to thread, especially the lower looper. Initially, beginners will have some difficulty. I have found some useful YouTube videos that explains the whole procedure in a clear and understandable language, I guess that might help or you can tie the thread with old thread and re-thread (that is probably the easiest method as it comes pre-threaded in the box). There is no question about the quality of stitches, it is wonderful as ever. Seams are nice and clean. It does a very good job through heavy fabrics. The operation is not as quiet as expected. I expected the machine to be a lot quieter especially when it highlights whisper-quiet operation as one of the main features.


No free arm option, Janome missed the trick there, a huge let down for me.

I guess the machine is retired. It is hard to find new machines in stores. Refurbished machines are still available though.


  • Quality seams
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to thread
  • No free arm
  • Slightly noisy

Is It Worth Buying ?

If you can get the threading right, there are not many issues to worry about Janome 3434D. The quality of the seams are as good as you can get on high-end machines. Threading wise, I can’t quite say that it is an ideal machine for beginners, but it should be okay.

If you are looking for an easy to thread serger, you can also have a look at Brother 1034D as an alternative option.

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