Juki HZL-G210 Review

Juki HZL-G210 is a workhorse. It is a machine designed for heavy stuffs. It is a fabulous machine for advanced sewers. However, it is not without limitations.

Juki HZL-G210 Excite Main Features

  • 180 built-in stitches
  • Lettering font
  • Needle position key
  • Automatic needle threader and thread cutter
  • Automatic locking stitch
  • In built memory

Juki HZL-G210 Review

juki Hzl-g210 reviewSewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : HIGH

Juki HZL-G210 is a beautiful looking sewing machine for sure, but does it offer real value for your money? Let us have a look. HZL-G210 is a sewing machine designed primarily for advanced sewers (the price also suggests so). It is one of the most beautiful sewing machines I have ever seen, I have to say that again and again (even though looks doesn’t really matter for a sewing machine). The machine can be operated with or without the foot pedal (same is the case with any computerized sewing machine). You can start/stop sewing by pressing the start/stop button. The buttons are made of quality material, I think it can take some rough handling. Another interesting feature is the LED lighting inside the start stop button. If the light is red, the machine won’t sew, if it is orange then the machine is winding the bobbin and green light indicates the machine is ready to sew. You can adjust the sewing speed by moving the speed controller.

Stitch selection is done by using the pattern selector button underneath the screen. Juki HZL-G210 comes with 180 stitches which also include 1 sewing lettering font and 8 one-step buttonholes. Even though the stitch length and width are automatically set for optimal results, you can override them by using the adjustment buttons below the screen. The maximum stitch length is 5mm and width is 7mm. The machine comes with top drop-in bobbin with clear cover, so you can always keep an eye on the thread supply. The automatic needle threader helps you save time and eye strain.

The reverse stitch button can be pressed to do reverse sewing. This machine can do automatic locking stitches at the beginning and end by pressing the automatic locking stitch and thread cutting button. The machine also features an automatic thread cutter which you won’t see normally on all computerized sewing machine. The machine automatically cuts the needle and bobbin thread once you press the thread cutter button. Needle position key can be used to program the needle to stop in the up/down position once you finish sewing. This is a very important feature for quilters. For free motion quilting, you can drop feed dogs by moving a knob to the right. This knob can be accessed by removing the storage compartment (this is an inconvenience). It is very easy to change the presser foot as well. Juki HZL-G210 can be used for free arm sewing by removing the accessory storage compartment.

As I have said earlier, you can sew letters and numbers on Juki HZL-G210. The machine has memory function to save the letters or words you created, so that you can use them later. You can also combine decorative stitches into pattern sequences and save them for later use. You can save up to 70 patterns in the memory.  The extra high presser foot lifter on this machine gives 12mm of extra clearance which is really useful while sewing multiple layers of fabric. This machine has a powerful motor capable of delivering 900 stitches per minute. I am really impressed by its motor, it has to be the most powerful motor in the price range. The machine comes with 7-point box feed system, which ensures consistent stitch quality. Bright LED bulbs illuminate the work space. The machine comes with a hard cover as well.


Juki HZL-G210 has an 8.5 inch throat, which is fully capable of handling large projects. The machine sews through multiple layers of fabric without any difficulty (thanks to the powerful motor). This machine is ideal for heavy-duty sewing (especially for multiple layers of denim). It is sturdy and durable. The machine does an equally good job on lightweight fabrics as well. It is well equipped with all those fancy stitches and options (you may not even get enough time to use all of them). The machine is pretty heavy, which indicates that most parts inside are metal. The machine weighs 21.6 pounds, so it is not a good idea to take it to sewing classes.


The LED screen is not backlit, at this price you would expect a backlit screen.

The tension needs to be adjusted manually. At this price an auto tension could have been better. However, when the tension is set at 4, it works for most fabrics.


  • Ideal for heavy-duty sewing
  • Lots of stitches
  • Lots of advanced features
  • Large machine throat
  • Built-in memory to save patterns


  • No auto tension

Is It Worth Buying ?

When you consider all the features of Juki HZL-G210 (forget the limitations, they are not that bad), I feel it is very well priced. Moreover, it is a very strong machine capable of handling long work hours without stalling. So this machine will suit advanced sewers quite well. A quality machine for sure.

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