Brother LS2125i Vs XL2600i – Detailed Comparison

Detailed comparison between Brother LS2125i and XL2600i. Both are similarly priced but one has some definite advantages over the other.

Brother LS2125i is the least expensive offering from Brother and XL2600I is the second least expensive sewing machine from Brother. XL2600I is also the second best seller among all sewing machines sold in US (Brother CS6000i holds the top position and it has been sitting there for quite a while now). Brother LS2125i and XL2600I are very closely priced, there is hardly any price gap between them. So you must compare the features of both the machines before making a decision. Here is the detailed comparison of both.

Brother LS2125i Vs XL2600i – Features Comparison

Both are basic mechanical sewing machines designed for beginners. As far as features are concerned, there are quite a lot of differences between the two, some of the feature differences are quite distinct as well. There is a clear winner here.

Built-in Stitches : XL2600I sweeps all the points here, with 25 built-in stitches. LS2125i has just 10 built-in stitches, which is a huge set back.

Buttonhole : Advantage XL2600I, as it has a user-friendly 1-step buttonhole. LS2125i comes with a 4-step buttonhole which is clearly an outdated piece of technology. Moreover, beginners will find it difficult to make buttonholes in 4 different steps. On XL2600I, you can create perfect buttonholes in a single step.

Automatic Needle Threader : Advantage XL2600I here as well, as it comes with an automatic needle threader. Whereas LS2125i  has a manual threader, you will have to rely on the power of your eyes.

Drop-in Bobbin : Another point for XL2600I as it has a top drop-in bobbin. LS2125i on the other hand comes with a side loading one, in which you need to remove the storage compartment every time you want to change the bobbin. In the case of a drop-in bobbin, you just drop the bobbin into the slot, nothing needs to removed. The clear cover even lets you keep an eye on the bobbin thread supply.

Motor : This is one area where LS2125i has an upper hand over XL2600I. LS2125i ‘s motor is more powerful than XL2600I’s.

Stitch Width And Length : LS2125i  has a maximum stitch width and length of 5mm and 7mm respectively. The stitch width and length on XL2600I are 4mm and 5mm respectively.

Machine Weight : LS2125i is 2 pounds heavier than XL2600I.

Sewing Machine FeaturesBrother LS2125iBrother XL2600I
Stitch SelectionDialDial
Automatic Needle ThreaderNoYes
Independent Bobbin Winding MotorYesYes
Sewing LightYesYes
Bobbin SystemSide LoadingTop Drop-in
Motor Speed900 stitches/min800 stitches/min
Built-in Stitches1025
Buttonhole Styles1 4-step1 1-step
Max Stitch Width5mm4mm
Max Stitch Length7mm5mm
Free MotionYesYes
Machine Dimensions11.54″ x 6.14″ x 14.84″


12.26″ x 7.73″ x 9.6″


Foot PedalYesYes
Machine Weight13 lbs11 lbs
Warranty25 year limited warranty25 year limited warranty

Brother LS2125i Vs XL2600i – Performance Comparison

As far as performance and ease of use is concerned, XL2600I is miles ahead of LS2125i. Beginners will love the ease of use of XL2600I, which is the reason why it has been the best seller in the under $100 price category. Better performance of XL2600I is because of its advanced features. I am not saying that LS2125i is bad in performance, it is only when you compare both the machines side by side, you will pick up the difference rather quickly. That is why XL2600I is called ‘The King Of Inexpensive Sewing Machines’.


The price difference between Brother LS2125i and XL2600I is very narrow. So XL2600I is always the better option considering the advanced features on board. Consider LS2125i only if the price difference is more than $25 (assuming XL2600i as the expensive one).

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