Brother XR9500PRW Vs Brother SQ9050 – Detailed Comparison

Brother XR9500PRW and Brother SQ9050 are two good computerized sewing machines. But the unavailability of one is a serious drawback. Choice is pretty clear.

Brother XR9500PRW and Brother SQ9050 are two computerized sewing machines designed for beginners or intermediate sewers. Brother XR9500PRW is a very popular machine in US. In fact it has been voted by our readers as the best sewing machine under $200. Brother SQ9050 is right up there with XR9500PRW in terms of quality, but there are some issues with its availability. Most of the stores have gone out of stock. You should be lucky, if you could find one.

Brother XR9500PRW Vs Brother SQ9050 – Features Comparison

Absolutely no difference at all. Well hang on, there is one difference. It is in the color scheme. SQ9050 has a pink graphics on the front, while XR9500PRW comes in a plain blue color without any graphics. Looks wise, SQ9050 is the scorer, XR9500PRW looks too plain for me (But looks doesn’t really matter for a sewing machine, it would have mattered if I was comparing two cars).

Accessories : Brother SQ9050 comes with 3 extra feet when compared to Brother XR9500PRW. SQ9050 comes with walking foot, quilting foot and 1/4″ quilting foot along with a quilting guide in extras when compared to XR9500PRW.

Other than the above said small differences, both machines are identical. So I am not listing the features in a table as there is no difference between the two (if there was at least one difference, a side by side comparison using a table would have been useful).

Brother XR9500PRW Vs Brother SQ9050 – Performance Comparison

Even though both machines use the same motor and parts. I see a slight difference in performance, especially while sewing thick fabrics. I see that XR9500PRW does a far better job than SQ9050 while dealing with thick or multiple layers of fabrics. XR9500PRW adjusts to different fabrics much better than SQ9050. So in terms of performance, XR9500PRW is the winner.


I don’t know how long Brother SQ9050 will be available in the market. I even doubt whether SQ9050 is still in production or not. Added to this, the better performance of XR9500PRW and its popularity as a budget beginners machine makes it a better choice over SQ9050. If you ask me to blindly pick up a sewing machine under $200, I will always go with XR9500PRW, because it is that good a machine.

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