Sew Crafty Mini Sewing Machine Review

Sew Crafty Mini Sewing Machine is not up to the standards. The quality of this machine is not very good to say the least.

Sew Crafty Mini Sewing Machine Features

  • Hand held or tabletop operation
  • AC and Battery operation
  • Lightweight and portable

Sew Crafty Mini Sewing Machine Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : LOW

This is a very basic sewing machine, that can do very basic things. It is lightweight, compact and you can take it anywhere you go. This is a machine designed for scrapbookers or paper crafters. You can operate the machine as hand held or on tabletop. It can be operated with batteries and AC adapter. The most interesting and disappointing thing is that, both are not included. Neither you get 4AA batteries nor the AC adapter. That is called bad business.


First of all, buy Sew Crafty Mini Sewing Machine with a mindset of ‘use and throw’. So that you don’t keep your expectations too high. It is very difficult to work with this machine. The instructions that come with this machine is absolutely useless. There are all sorts of issues like tension off, loose bobbin and I can go on for ever.

Is It Worth Buying ?

Well, it costs only a couple of dollars, so you might think, ‘Well, I can throw it away if it doesn’t work’ (9 out of 10 times, you will). I am not very impressed with this machine, it has to be said. If you are somewhat serious about sewing and , you can consider Michley LSS-505. The price is a bit on the higher side, but you can call it a ‘Mini Sewing Machine’, by all means.

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