Juki MO-735 Review

Juki MO-735 is a reasonably good serger. It can serve you long, if you are ready to overlook couple of minor issues. The build quality is excellent.

Juki MO-735 Main Features

  • 2/3/4/5 thread overlock
  • Differential feed
  • Color coded thread path
  • Lay-in threading

Juki MO-735 Review

Juki MO-735 ReviewSewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : MODERATE

MO-735 is not a serger for beginners, it is designed for professionals. The pricing is also a bit out of the reach of beginners. 24 stitch options are available on this serger. MO-735 is a 2/3/4/5 thread serger. 5 thread capability takes this serger to another level.

Stitches available on Juki MO-735 are

4-thread coverstitch, wide (5.0 mm)
3-thread coverstitch, wide (5.0 mm)/narrow (2.5mm)
2-thread chainstitch seam, top and bottom
5-thread safety seam, wide
4-thread overlock seam
3-thread overlock seam, wide/narrow
3-thread super-stretch
3-thread flatlock seam
3-thread Blank Stitch, wide/narrow
3-thread rolled seam
3-thread rolled hem
2-thread overlock seam, wide/narrow
2-thread flatlock seam, wide/narrow
2-thread rolled hem

As you can see, there is a nice variety of stitch options on offer. MO-735 comes with color coded lay-in threading system, which is pretty much the standard nowadays (no surprises there). The snap-on type presser feet is very easy to change. The extra high presser foot lifter provides extra clearance required by bulky fabrics (it can be lifted up to 5mm). The presser foot pressure is also adjustable by a dial. You can adjust it to handle any type of fabric.

On the safety front, Juki MO-735 has a micro safety switch that prevents the machine from sewing, if the covers are open. There is a built-in seam guide to take guesswork out of seam allowances. A dial is provided for adjusting lower knife cutting width. The upper knife arm can be moved out of the way to allow more room for sewing. This is done by pressing a button. This will be handy while doing coverstitch or when you don’t want to trim the fabric edge.

You can switch to rolled hem with the flip of a switch, as easy as that. Differential feed adjustment ensure consistent feeding (0.7 : 2.0 Ratio). The stitch length is max 4mm, standard 2.5mm, left needle 7mm/ Right, needle 5mm. Overlocking width is chainstitch 10mm, rolled hem 2mm, coverhem 2.5-5mm respectively. The machine weighs above 19 pounds, so it is not that portable. The motor is of the same power as the competition, delivering 1500 stitches/min.


The build quality of Juki MO-735 is very good. You expect that from an expensive serger don’t you. You won’t feel disappointed in that aspect. The user manual is a huge let down. Instructions are not easy to understand. So you will be better of watching some YouTube videos, especially while threading. As far as threading is concerned, it is not the easiest serger to thread but it will get easier after each attempt.The stitch quality is very good and they are consistent. I really like the sound of its motor, it has a solid feel to it. The machine is not that quiet, it is not that loud either, it falls somewhere in the middle.


Changeover from one mode to another can take around 5 minutes the least.

Poor user manual.


  • Good stitch quality
  • Durable
  • 2/3/4/5 thread capability


  • You need patience for changeover
  • User manual is not that great

Is It Worth Buying?

Apart from the poorly written user manual and the lengthy changeover time, it is a very good serger to consider. Those two issues are not major and you can easily live with it. The stitch quality of Juki MO-735 is very good, it has 5 thread capability and it has a variety of features to go with . So it won’t be a bad choice after all.

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