Singer 14CG754 Vs Singer 14SH654 – Detailed Comparison

A honest and impartial comparison between the successor and the predecessor, the Singer 14CG754 and Singer 14SH654. The choice is very clear.

If you go by the current price, Singer 14CG754 and Singer 14SH654 are very closely priced. Now you might be wondering what’s the actual difference between the two. Both are entry level sergers. But one thing you should know is, Singer 14CG754 is an upgraded version of Singer 14SH654. Yes, you heard it right. 14SH654 is an old machine and 14CG754 is the newer version. Let us have a close look at both sergers and see which one offers more value for your hard earned money.

Singer 14CG754 Vs Singer 14SH654 – Features Comparison

Looks wise, the only difference is the grey area that comes on 14CG754. The design is pretty similar except for the color change. Let us have a look at the areas where these two sergers differ.

Stitch Configuration : This is where the major difference is. Singer 14SH654 is just a 3-4 thread serger, whereas 14CG754 is a 2-3-4 thread serger. There is absolutely no doubt about which one offers more stitch variety. Singer 14CG754 is a clear winner here.

Build Quality : I would rate Singer 14CG754 a level above the older machine in terms of build quality. 14SH654 is lightweight and it doesn’t have that premium look. It just weighs 13.5 pounds. 14CG754 on the other hand, is heavier and is solidly built. 14CG754 weighs 17 pounds.

These are the differences between these two sergers. All other features are identical, which is pretty much case for all upgraded machines. There will be one or two additional features and everything else will be the same.

Singer 14CG754 Vs Singer 14SH654 – Performance Comparison

I can clearly say that Singer 14CG754 is way better in ease of use. Threading the old machine (14SH654) is not that very easy, but on 14CG754, it is very easy. Being a lightweight serger, Singer 14SH654 is less stable at high speeds, which is not the case with 14CG754 . Singer 14CG754 is an all-rounder as far as stitch quality on different fabrics is concerned. Stitch quality is very good across different types of fabrics. 14SH654 is not that great with heavier fabrics.


Singer 14CG754 is a clear winner in this shootout. It is not only the upgraded serger but also the better serger. Add to that, a similar price tag and 14CG754 is a class above its predecessor. It is also the most popular entry level serger from Singer in US.

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