Janome Review

Janome sewing machines are quality units and that is because they come from one of the top manufacturers of quality sewing machines. Each of these machines help you create wonderful masterpieces that would be the envy of your friends – and, yes, it does not matter if you have been working with sewing machines since you were little or if you have no experience with it at all.

Janome, as a company, has been one of the most up-to-date companies since it has entered the industry. The very first sewing machine that was computerized and was for use at home was from this company. It was known as the Memory 7 and it came to being in 1979.

In 1990, the company was also able to create the machine known as Memory Craft 8000. This was one machine that was for home use and it allowed users to create embroidery.

Janome continues to create machines that would help people with their sewing and with their craft. One of the most high technology units that they have created is the Memory Craft 11000.

Several Janome sewing machine models include:

  • Memory Craft 6600P
  • Memory Craft 6500P
  • Marie Osmond QC
  • 1600P-QC
  • Jem Platinum 760
  • Magnolia 7330
  • ThreadBanger- TB12

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