What Does A Sewing Machine Include?

As you are reading through reviews and descriptions of sewing machines you will discover a variety of features. Not all models offer the same features so it is important to know which features they have and what they are before purchasing a machine. Most newer models of sewing machines are computerized and feature a digital LED or LCD screen. This is very beneficial to anyone who wants a professional product that is the same every time you make it. When using older models that feature the various knobs that have to be turned you can accidentally move them while sewing which will change the stitching on you fabric.

The basic knobs on a sewing machine are for the width and length of a stitch as well as the style of stitch. On the box of a sewing machine you should be able to see a variety of stitches that the machine is able to do. Some stitches are for decorative purposes only so the number of stitches that a sewing machine has is not necessarily important, you need to know what type of stitches it can do.

One of the best features any sewing machine can have is on board storage. This is a small, removable compartment that allows you store needles, bobbins, thread and a seam ripper so that you have them available when you need them. Most sewing machines come with each of these pieces. Needles are available for a sewing machine in different sizes and strengths. It’s important to know the type of needle that your machine uses.

Some slide into place on a machine while others have to be screwed on. Some models thread at the tip while others at the top of the machine. Be sure to always keep the manual for your sewing machine in a safe place so this information is always available for you. Most sewing machines today will come with two types of needles, the traditional one and a thicker one that is used for sewing heavy duty projects such as pot holders and quilts. Bobbins are small plastic wheels that thread is wound upon. You place the bobbin inside the sewing machine where indicated.

When you are sewing, it is necessary for there to be two pieces of thread operational, one that is threaded through the needle and one that is threaded through the bobbin. You will need to follow the instructions in your user manual to understand how to wind and thread the bobbin in its place. Bobbins used to be made out of metal and can still be purchased as so today but most sewing machine manufacturers send plastic versions with their units. This is because a bobbin is small and can easily be lost. Plastic is more affordable for manufacturers to produce.

A seam ripper is the last tool that will come with your sewing machine beside the presser feet. A seam ripper is used to rip seams without damaging the fabric. The blades of scissors can be too thick and therefore knick the fabric slightly while you are cutting a stitch that is not correct or did not come out properly. Always use your seam ripper to avoid damaging fabric.

Speaking of fabric, this is another piece that can be expensive when sewing. It is best to shop the sales at your local craft store and stock up on your favorite fabrics when necessary. If you live near any of the large chain stores such as AC Moore, JoAnns and Michael’s then you are able to get almost-weekly coupons for 40% off a single item. Fabric counts as a single item when you purchase one color. While AC  Moore and Michael’s do not offer fabric at their stores, the coupons can be cashed in at Joann’s Fabrics and Crafts or Joann’s Ect stores for the same discount. Additionally, there are a few websites that offer discounted fabric purchased by the yard online. Fabric.com and FashionFabricsClub.com are the two most popular website to visit for discounted fabric options.

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