Unbiased review of Brother XR7700

A person should never underestimate a machine, even if it looks small. Make sure to use it first and then make a decision. This is what will happen when someone uses the Brother XR7700 sewing machine. It isn’t very big, but it’s filled with lots of useful and interesting features. Two qualities people really like about the machine are that it’s fun and simple, which is why even the average sewer benefits from the XR7700, because of all the decorative stitches and creative possibilities.

There are lots of different ways to use this particular sewing machine, whether you enjoy quilting, embroidery, or even embellishment. It offers over 50 pre-programmed stitches, which means more than 100 different kinds of stitching functions are available for use. Plus, when someone gets the Brother XR7700, they receive free bonus feet. This means everything from a walking foot to a quilting foot.

The LCD screen on the sewing machine is a touch-screen, so it isn’t hard to choose designs or stitches during a sewing project. There are other controls added to the machine, and they are:

• Automatic needle threading mechanism
• Built-in thread cutter
• One-touch reverse stitch function
• Automatic winding of the bobber
• Drop feed for better control

The sewing machine has a flatbed sewing surface, so there’s always plenty of space to work with. Other accessories included in the package are zipper insertion, button sewing, darning, and others.

As a budding sewer, the brother XR7700 sewing machine is definitely a great buy for me. The machine works great, and a purchase comes with a lot of accessories. I also love the flatbed surface, which I can convert to free arm whenever I want to.” – Joe

Everything included in this sewing machine weighs less than 11 pounds, which means it can be brought practically anywhere. It can go to workshops and sewing classes. This also makes it easy to store the Brother XR7700, whether it’s in a small cabinet or on top of a sturdy surface.

It isn’t always easy to thread the needle or wind the bobbin, especially on sewing equipment. It can take a while to accomplish these tasks, except when using the XR7700. It was designed so the tasks are easily completed. With a press of a button, the bobbin is wound and thread is inserted into the needle. It takes less than a minute before work can begin.

I truly love this sewing machine. This is the first one I bought in my entire life, and I’m having one using it. The decorative stitches are just what I definitely need. It’s just so cool.” – Michelle

It helps to have control of the thread’s tension, because it prevents problems from occurring. You don’t have to worry about creases in the fabric or loose stitches coming out. The thread tension assembly is automatic, which is another reason this sewing machine is liked by lots of different people.

Rarely is a sewing machine perfect, and this one does have a couple of issues. Neither of them is major, and they don’t usually keep anyone from purchasing it. For instance, the brother XR7700 struggles with thick layers. So if you’re making anything out of denim, leather, or wool, realize the machine is going to slow down and possibly even break a needle.

Some people might struggle to understand all of the Brother XR7700 features. This is why a person should explore the equipment before starting an official sewing project.

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