Greenworks 25022 Electric Lawn Mower User Review

The cutting width of Greenworks 25022 is twenty inches. It comes with a 12 Amp motor. 3 different cutting options are available with this lawn mower. The 3 different cutting options are mulching, side discharge and rear bag collection. You can easily use the lawn mower to chop the grass of heights starting from 1.5 inches up to 3.75 inches.

The weight of the whole unit is fifty nine pounds. With minimal assembly you’ll be able to use the unit. You must attach the grass bag to the unit and you’re able to move the lawn mower to do the work.

As the deck is 20”, you’ll be able to collect a considerable amount of grass through every move.The lawn mower can move around in small radius as well. You can work in every nook and corner of your garden without any worries.Greenworks 25022 Electric Lawn Mower User Review

Greenworks 25022 is fitted with top quality materials. it’s true that you can notice several competitors within the same price range. But none provides the quality of work that this lawn mower can provide.

With Greenworks 25022 in your hands, you’ll be able to perform variety of operations quiet effortlessly.You can do mulching and side discharge and rear bag will definitely enhance the performance of the lawn mower. You can use the lever to adjust the height of the mower.

You can regulate from 1.5 inches upto 3.75 inches. You can push the unit effortlessly, thanks to the 10’’ giant wheels. The wheel layout offers you the flexibility to reach the walls and corners with little effort.Storage space won’t be an issue, thanks to the folding handle.
You can easily store it inside the garage or shed. You’ll be pretty happy with the grass cutting capability. Cut grass will be collected in a bag.


Greenworks 25022 is intended for simple use with its’ sturdy motor, durable construction and versatile operation. Easy movement of the unit is a huge advantage for users with back is made of metal as against plastic used in several alternative models, and this feature alone speaks volumes in terms of production quality and most significantly product sturdiness. The metal construction conjointly allowed the unit to be thinner than its’ competitors.The blades are of prime quality and provide cleaner cuts.The seven position height adjuster is additionally another nice bit, with that you’ll be able to set the height of your grass exactly as you’d like.

It is an eco-friendly product as well.


Quite candidly, maybe the sole cons we are able to bring up once it involves GW 25022 is that it costs a little bit higher than some competitors and it will be talked somewhat loud by some. Some other disadvantages are also listed below

• No self propel option
• can’t be used for big yards
• Cord management can be an issue


The final finding of fact of our Greenworks 25022 20-Inch twelve Amp electrical garden tool is that the 25022 is one among the most effective product in its’ category and you must undoubtedly check it out if you’re searching for a really nicely engineered, sturdy and quality lawn tractor.

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