K&H Outdoor Kitty House User Review

K&H outdoor kitty house protects your outdoor cats from cold, rain, snow and wind. This kitty house comes with two entrances, one in the front and the other in the back. The overhang prevents snow and rain from entering the house, thereby keeping your kitty warm and safe. K&H outdoor kitty house is available in both heated and unheated versions.

This kitty house is made of 600 denier nylon with waterproofing vinyl backing. The heated version comes with a removable K&H lector soft bed which is thermostatically controlled. It also features a washable fleece cover which keeps your pet warm and dry even in the worst weather conditions.

K&H outdoor kitty house is easy to assemble. Cleaning this kitty house is an easy job, thanks to its Velcro walls and zippered roof. The cord is 5.5 foot steel wrapped to prevent chewing. It comes with one year warranty.

K&H Outdoor Kitty House Personal Review

I bought this kitty house two months ago. It was very easy to assemble, however you should place it near a power outlet. I felt K&H could have provided a slightly lengthy cord. The kitty house is smaller than what you see on the photos, but you can easily fit a cat of 25lbs inside the house. My cat loves its house. Your cat too will love this. Even though they say it is weather proof, it would be better to keep it away from rain, the inside can get wet during heavy showers.

K&H Outdoor Kitty House Pros

  • Easy to assemble
  • Warm and safe for pets

K&H Outdoor Kitty House Cons

  • Cord length
  • Slightly smaller than you expect

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