CobraCo SH101 Copper Fire Pit User Review

If you are looking for an outdoor fire pit for your U.S home, I will always recommend a wood-burning one. Wood fire pits are much more cost efficient than propane fire pits. Copper fire pits always provide a standard shiny look. This time I am going to do a review on CobraCo SH101 hammered copper fire pit.

CobraCo SH101 Copper Fire Pit Features

This copper fire pit comes with an extra deep fire tub for long lasting fire. The tub is made of 100% hand hammered copper. It rests on an iron stand, it looks beautiful. CobraCo  SH101 weighs around 30 pounds and is reasonably portable. It has a diameter of 30 inch and is 12 inch in height without the cover.

SH101 comes with a heavy duty wire mesh screen cover complete with handle that prevents flying sparks. Cleaning the fire pit is very easy, you just need to lift it up and tilt the ashes. SH101 comes with a vinyl cover. No assembling is required, you just need to set the fire pit on the frame.

CobraCo SH101 Copper Fire Pit Personal Review

To be very honest, this fire pit fails to impress me. My idea of a fire pit is something that I can sit around with my friends, roast a few marshmallows and enjoy the night. I have found some issues with this fire pit.

The metal is a lot thinner than you can expect. There are some issues with the iron stand as well, which tends to sink to one side when it is on soft ground. To me SH101 is more of a good looking fire pit, than a good fire pit. It is all in the looks. There is no question about the quality of materials used, the question is about utility. I think SH101 slightly falls behind for utility.

In a nutshell, CobraCo SH101 is a good fire pit if you are kind of a guy who just want to enjoy one or two evenings every month with your kids. CobraCo is still a popular fire pit brand in U.S you may consider buying it, but I won’t recommend it.

CobraCo SH101 Copper Fire Pit Pros

  • Very good looking
  • Quality metal

 CobraCo SH101 Copper Fire Pit Cons

  • Thin metal
  • Less durable

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