Dyson DC26 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson is well known for its quality vacuum cleaners for big spaces, but DC26 is slightly different from other Dyson products. It is nicknamed City Vacuum as it is ideal for apartments. DC26 is a vacuum cleaner for small houses. DC26 is really small; it can easily fit on a piece of A4 sheet. It is very good looking and cute as well. The bucket can hold a decent amount of dirt and can be easily detached. The power button is really striking with a look similar to a beacon light. The power cord is of length 18ft which gives pretty decent reach. It runs on two wheels. Removable washable filters are hidden behind the compartments. Access to washable filters is effortless.

The flexible pipe is long enough but it is not a detachable one. Now back to the real deal, does DC26 clean well? Yes indeed. It works equally well on floor tiles, carpet and rug. The suction power is good enough.

Dyson DC26 Personal Review

The unit weighs around 12 pounds. It can hold up to .15 gallons on dirt. The hose is connected to the main unit with a pair of hooks. It has a suction release switch for pulling out the junk materials out of the brush. The power button on DC26 is slightly misplaced in my opinion. In case you bump into the wall or something, the switch is easily turned off and it is frustrating. It is quieter than most other vacuum cleaners.

Dyson DC26 Pros

  • Light Weight
  • Easy storage
  • Easy to set up
  • Picks up a lot of dust
  • Bag less
  • 5 year warranty

Dyson DC26 Cons

  • Can’t pick up bulky things
  • Slightly expensive

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