KitchenAid Stainless Steel Dish Rack Review – Not A Great One To Have

This stainless steel dish rack from KitchenAid comes in 3 pieces. It is a large dish drying rack indeed. This KitchenAid product will work for you, if you have a large counter space by your sink. It can hold a lot of things, it can hold dinnerware, utensils, glassware, bakeware and cookware. I have mixed feelings about this KitchenAid dish rack. Even though stainless steel is not supposed to develop rust, this one does. After a month’s use, rust spots started to appear here and there. I am not alone here, my friend too had the same issue with KitchenAid dish rack.

I really hope KitchenAid fixes the rust issue asap and provide better quality rust proof dish racks in future. The plastic drain pan of this dish rack doesn’t have enough slope to allow the water to drip off. This stainless steel dish rack leaves a lot to be desired, some urgent design fixes are required. I hope the future products from KitchenAid won’t have the same issues. However, this one has a very good looking design. It looks attractive. I guess, KitchenAid has priced this dish rack a little bit too high as well. All the above facts are my personal views only, you can go ahead and buy this if you wish. But I won’t recommend this one.


  • Good looking design


  • Develops rust
  • Does not drain water effectively
  • Expensive

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