Mr.Beer Premium Gold Edition Beer Brewing Kit User Review

Today I am going to do a review on Mr.Beer premium gold edition home beer brewing kit. Mr.Beer beer brewing kit comes with two distinct and popular beer for 2 batches. Mr. Beer says that the fermenter is made of FDA compliant plastic which won’t leave any kind of taste or flavor migration. Cleaning is very easy, thanks to the wide mouth. The keg is lightweight and shatter resistant. Only hand wash should be used for cleaning the keg, use of scouring pads or dish soap or wire brushes are not advised. It is one of the most popular home brewing kits available in US market.

What You Get With Mr. Beer Beer Brewing Kit

  • 2 gallon fermenting keg with a lid and a tap assembly
  • 2 refill brew packs
  • 8 one liter plastic bottles
  • 8 reusable plastic caps
  • Mr. Beer brewer’s guide

Mr. Beer Beer Brewing Kit Personal Review

Mr. Beer Beer Brewing Kit Personal Recommendation Level : High

The mix requires to sit for around 7 days in the keg. The beer made using this kit is adequately carbonated and produces a nice smell and great flavor. I am really impressed with the simplicity and convenience of this home brewer. The beer brewing guide was extremely helpful in setting up. If you want a great beer experience let the mix sit in the keg for at least 10 days, that is my advice to you.


  • Easy to set up
  • Makes great beer
  • Inexpensive


  • Not much to speak of

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