Best Non Toxic Cockroach Trap For US Kitchens

My kitchen in Texas, USA is full of cockroaches. In the past few months cockroaches multiplied in huge numbers and it became unbearable to me and my kids. I hate those roaches, they are big too, I think they are biggest you can find in any US home.

I have been looking for a non toxic cockroach trap, which can catch large number of roaches in one go. I never liked the toxic traps as they may cause some health hazards to my kids. Finally I found one good cockroach trap that suited me. Let me tell you, this one catches quite a lot of roaches. My money was worth after couple of days use.

Underneath my kitchen sink, there are hundreds of roaches. I bought the cockroach trap, put a cookie inside it and kept it underneath the kitchen sink. In about 20 minutes, the trap was full of roaches, there were about 30 of them. I must praise the Chinese for making this marvelous product. I caught 25 the second time. In a week, the cockroach population really dwindled, but still I catch around 8 a day.

How To Use This Cockroach Trap?

The trap comes in 3 pieces. The bottom part is where you place the cookie (or something that the roaches love), the middle compartment is where the cockroaches will be trapped and the lid. The whole unit is made of low quality plastic though. You can snap it easily, if you step on it.

Place the cookie in lower compartment, place the middle compartment over it and put the lid on. Place the trap where you see most roaches, keep it overnight. You will see the trap full of roaches the next morning. I guarantee you that, in a week you can kill around 120 roaches.

How To Kill The Caught Cockroaches?

The maker say, just put it in water or keep the trap in sunlight. Both methods do work, but if you put it in water, the lid will come off and roaches will escape. Exposing to sunlight takes more time. The easier method is to dip it in soap or detergent solution, the roaches will die instantly. No worries. This is the best roach trap I have ever come across.


  • Catches a lot of cockroaches
  • Inexpensive


  • Low quality plastic

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