Snow Joe SJ621 Electric Snow Thrower Review

Snow Joe SJ621 Features

  • Compact glide for easy manoeuvrability
  • 20 Watt halogen light for night operation
  • 180 degree adjustable chute
  • Chute deflector
  • Push-button instant start
  • 13.5 amp motor
  • Easy to use, less strain on the back
  • Cuts up to 18-inch wide and 10-inch deep in one pass
  • 4 steel blade rotor to discharge snow up to 20 feet
Snow Joe SJ621 Electric Snow Thrower User Review

Snow Joe SJ621 tops the list of Top 10 Snow Blowers Available In U.S published by Sewing Machine Reviews. Snow Joe SJ621 does throw the snow quite far. Snow Joe say it can throw up to 20 feet, but I think it can throw snow (dry) up to 18 feet or so.


Setting Up & Build Quality

Snow Joe SJ621 is very easy to assemble as it comes fully assembled, almost (99%). The chute adjuster is the only part you have to tighten up. It won’t take more than 3 minutes to set up. It comes with a nice heavy gauge cord as well which supplies pretty good power down to the motor. The overall build quality of Snow Joe SJ621 snow blower is quite good. The Start/Stop push button is fitted right on the handle itself, which makes it easier to reach out.

Test Results

Snow Joe SJ621 electric snow thrower throws wet snow only around 12 feet far but it does a far better job with dry snow by throwing it over 18 feet. Because SJ621 is lightweight and easy to move around, there happens to be less strain on the back. But lesser weight means, the weight of the snow thrower is not enough for the scraper blade to break up the ice. So you will have to go through the same area once again for better results.

There is very little vibration while operating this snow thrower.

Snow Joe SJ621 is recommended for areas that don’t receive weekly storms. It is not a power machine, it strains a little bit when dealing with really heavy snow (10 inch plus). It works like charm with medium snow (around 6 inches).


  • Lightweight, less strain on the back
  • Easy to use
  • Clears snow well
  • Low price


  • Not ideal for really heavy snow (Over 10 inches)
Snow Joe SJ621 electric snow thrower is a good choice for areas that receive small to medium snow. The product is priced well also. However, if you are living in a heavy snowfall area (over 10 inches), you will be better of buying a gas powered snow thrower.

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