Singer 7470 Review

Honestly speaking, I can’t really recommend Singer 7470 to you. It is not a machine built to last. The automatic needle threader is awful.

Singer 7470 Confidence Computerized Sewing Machine Features

  • 225 built-in stitches
  • Needle up or Needle down button
  • Drop and sew bobbin system
  • Automatic tie-off function
  • Automatic needle threader

Singer 7470 Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : LOW

Singer 7470 is a computerized sewing machine, it is all about pushing the right buttons. It is a sewing machine designed with advanced users in mind. It comes with 225 built-in stitches, this is the one for people who upgraded themselves from the level of a beginner to an advanced one. It has all the features that will give you a perfect finish (not really, let us see the limitations). You can also do embroidery on this machine. The built-in stitches include 4 one-step buttonholes, alphabets with upper case and lower case, numbers, decorative stitches and hand-look quilt stitch. All stitches are pre-programmed for optimal sewing, however you can adjust them manually. It has continuous design sew option as well. Singer 7470 comes with a 25 year limited warranty.

One good feature of Singer 7470 is that all the utility switches have separate buttons. You don’t need to surf the stitches on the LCD screen for finding those stitches you use most, you just need to push the one-touch selector buttons for utility stitches provided on the front panel itself. You can choose whether to start the machine to sew in needle up/ needle down position using a button.

Singer 7470 has memory function included, which can save up to 20 characters. You can do mirror images of some of the decorative stitches on this sewing machine. The alphabet selector on this machine is awesome. A separate eraser button lets you correct the errors while you are selecting the alphabets, which to me is a very nice feature. Like all other computerized sewing machines, it comes with a foot pedal, you can use it if you want to do manual sewing.

Included foot that come with Singer 7470 are buttonhole foot, Zig Zag foot, general purpose foot, Satin stitch foot, Zipper foot and Blind Hem foot. It has drop and sew bobbin system, which is pretty much the standard now. It comes with a built-in automatic needle threader which leaves a lot to be desired. I will talk about it in the limitations section.  There is an automatic tie off function for reinforcing the start and end of the seams.


Singer 7470 is a user friendly machine, it is always a step ahead of its competitors in ease of use (not literally). The automatic tension on this machines is just perfect, you rarely need to adjust it. It has a lot of stitches for embellishing items with embroidery. The user manual is easy to read, but I am not really satisfied with what this sewing machine can offer in terms of quality. The stitch quality is reasonable but it is the build quality that disappoints me.


The overall build quality of Singer 7470 is not that good, this is not a machine made to last for 10 years. The automatic needle threader is not up to the mark, you can thread it manually even quicker I guess. I don’t know why Singer put LED work lights on this machine, I am sure that it is not for working in the dark, it is very dim. You need an external light source.


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect auto-tension


  • Poor automatic needle threader
  • Poor lighting
  • Build quality is not so great

There is no question about the features provided by Singer 7470, it is the quality of the machine, I am worried about. Honestly, I can’t recommend this sewing machine to advanced sewers. It has an automatic needle threader that doesn’t work at all times. I consider automatic needle threader as a must have feature for advanced sewers and this doesn’t have a great one. An alternative model I can recommend is the Brother DZ2400 which has similar features. It definitely has better quality and sometimes you can get it for lesser price than what you spend on Singer 7470.

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