Janome DC5100 Review

Janome DC5100 is a solid sewing machine designed for advanced users. You can’t question the quality and performance of this machine.

Janome DC5100 Computerized Sewing Machine Features

  • 167 built-in stitches
  • Programmable Needle up/down
  • Locking stitch
  • Reverse
  • LCD screen
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • Can save up to 50 patterns
  • Extra high presser foot lift

Janome DC5100 Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : HIGH

Janome DC5100 is a computerized sewing machine designed for advanced users. I always trust Janome machines as they don’t compromise on quality nor the price (lol). This model has been in the line for a while and has developed very good reputation among sewers. It packs 167 built-in stitches including lettering. Out of the 167 stitches, you will get 95 utility and decorative stitches, 5 0ne-step buttonholes and 67 letters.The keyboard on the machine lets you select the stitches very easily by pressing the corresponding numbers. The stitch chart is provided under a hinged cover. It comes with an included hard cover.

Janome DC5100 is for those people who want to add a professional finish to their projects. This machine will tell you what foot to use. It also has a needle up/down feature which is essential for quilting. It has quick reverse stitching functionality. The Superior Box Feed System of Janome works like a breeze. I think it is something unique to Janome machines. The presser feet are snap on and bobbin system is top drop-in. It also has a built-in automatic needle threader.

Janome DC5100 comes with a lever for dropping feed dogs. To add to the finish, you have a locking stitch button as well. You can control the sewing speed using the speed control slider. You also have the option to sew with foot pedal. This machine comes with a memory capable of saving 50 stitch patterns. What this does is that, if you have a particular stitch and you have adjusted its width and length to your liking, you can save it on the memory. So that you don’t have to manually adjust the stitch width and length every time you use that particular stitch and this can be done for up to 50 stitches.Janome DC5100 is well lit by the LEDs. The extra high presser foot lift feature comes handy while dealing with multiple layers of fabric.

Other features include

  • Automatic thread tension control
  • Auto declutch bobbin winder
  • Carry handle

Janome DC5100 comes with a strong motor that can deliver 820 stitches/minute.


Janome DC5100 is a quiet machine. The kind of motor it has, it is one of the quietest I have ever come across. It operates smoothly. One good thing about this machine is that it is capable of dealing with any kind of fabric without any jamming or other issues. It sews through multiple layers of denim quite well. The stitches are of high quality. The best thing I noticed about this machine is that it sews through thick and delicate materials equally well, something you will always look for in an advanced sewing machine.Janome DC5100 is very stable, it won’t wobble the surface while sewing at top speed.


The alphabets on Janome DC5100 may not appeal to all.


  • Quality stitches
  • Sturdy workhorse
  • So quiet
  • Memory function


  • Alphabets look sloppy


In simple words, Janome DC5100 is a workhorse. Unlike other plastic machines, this is a machine made to last. The build quality is excellent and it delivers high performance. It is one of the quietest machine in U.S market. It will be a good choice especially if you have little kids at home and you want to sew without waking them up.

Amidst all the good stuffs we can talk about this machine. I still feel that it is priced high. If you are a person who rates quality much higher than affordability, this machine will suit you.

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