NKOK Discovery Kids Chainstitch Sewing Machine Review

NKOK 9322 is not a great sewing machine. I really don’t recommend it. I am very disappointed about its quality.

NKOK Discovery Kids Chainstitch Sewing Machine Features

  • Chainstitch sewing machine
  • Needle guard

NKOK Discovery Kids Chainstitch Sewing Machine Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : LOW

NKOK 9322 is designed for kids of age above 6. Don’t even think of getting this one for kids of under 6 years as it has small plastic parts which may be swallowed by them. This is a battery operated sewing machine. You need 2 C batteries for its operation and you have to buy them separately. It comes with a foot pedal, but you can use the side knob for sewing. It has a nice little storage compartment for storing accessories.

You will get two spools of thread, needle threader and a measuring tape in the box along with the NKOK 9322 machine. It is made in China. It comes with 60 days warranty.


One thing I really liked about NKOK 9322 is that it came with a needle guard to prevent your child from hurting herself. To be really honest with you, this is not a great product. I consider myself as a person with reasonable expertise in sewing, I found it extremely difficult to thread this machine, forget your child threading it. I had all sorts of trouble from jamming, breaking etc etc. The tension is all in a mess.


  • Needle guard


  • Poor quality


NKOK 9322 will disappoint you and your kid. It is not recommended. It just costs few dollars, but you don’t want to spend it for a not so great sewing machine, right. I know what it takes to earn few dollars, so please don’t consider this.

I have looked at a lot of alternative models to suggest to you. We at Sewing Machine Reviews don’t recommend poor machines to our readers. So to be honest, I couldn’t find a quality sewing machine for the price of this machine.  The only one I could suggest is Janome Sew Mini, it costs around a lot more, but it is a quality machine.

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