Sunbeam SB1818 Review

Sunbeam SB1818 is a machine for very basic works. However, satisfaction is not guaranteed. It is not without problems.

Sunbeam SB1818 Compact Sewing Machine Features

  • 12 built-in stitches
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • 2 sewing speeds
  • LED work light
  • Free arm
  • Lightweight

Sunbeam SB1818 Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : MODERATE

Sunbeam SB1818 is a sewing machine designed for small fixes. This machine belongs to the low cost sewing machines category. It comes with 12 built-in stitches, the highest for any sewing machine in the price range. It also features a top load drop-in bobbin, which is really a premium feature for such an inexpensive sewing machine.

Sunbeam SB1818 can be operated with or without the foot pedal. A sewing lever is provided for operation without the foot pedal. It also features a button for reverse sewing. You can do free arm sewing as well. It has a manual thread cutter and automatic bobbin winder. The work space is illuminated by LED bulbs. This machine comes with a carry handle, which will add to the portability of the machine. It is a very light sewing machine, it just weighs 6 pounds.

Sunbeam SB1818 comes with two sewing speed settings namely high and low. There is a handy storage compartment for storing all the accessories. The best thing is that, this machine comes with a sewing kit with over 100 piece.


Feature wise, you can’t ask more from Sunbeam SB1818. It will suit people who sew occasionally to fix their fabrics here and there. It is one of the lightest machine available in U.S market. It does a reasonable job with lightweight fabrics, it struggles with denim though. If you can keep your expectations to a certain limit, this machine can do the job for you. It is good for hemming. It is a sewing machine for basic stuffs, after all you will get what you pay for. Right?

Some people had some issues with the foot pedal. The thing is, the Low/High speed is for sewing without the foot pedal. If you are using the foot pedal the speed options won’t work, you will have to control the sewing speed by adjusting the foot pedal. This machine will serve you like an obedient dog, if you read the manual thoroughly and use it for what it is made for (basic fixes).


The sewing kit that comes with Sunbeam SB1818 does not add much value. The needles and thread are of pretty low standards. The machine seems to be made of low quality plastic, but you can’t ask more for the price either.


  • Good for mending and hemming
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Lot of features for the price
  • Drop-in bobbin


  • Made of low quality plastic
  • Sewing kit is not great


If you are looking for a sewing machine to do some quick mending and hemming this one might work. Sunbeam SB1818 is not the best beginners machine you can get, but it will do the job if you want to get some basic works done. If you are really worried about quality, you will be better of considering models like Janome Sew Mini or Brother LS2125i. Janome machine is a good one. Brother LS2125i is a quality machine but it costs couple of dollars more. But it is a machine that ranks 4th in the list of ‘Top 10 Sewing Machines Available In US Under $200’. So you don’t need to worry about its quality.

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