Brother LX3125E Review

Brother LX3125E is a very basic machine. It lacks a lot of features and the price seems very unreasonable. Better alternatives are available from Brother.

Brother LX3125E Compact Sewing Machine Features

  • 14 built-in stitches
  • Free arm capable
  • Lightweight

Brother LX3125E Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : LOW

This is a beginners sewing machine. It is manual machine, which means you need to use the foot pedal for sewing. It is a compact and lightweight machine designed for basic sewing and mending. The machine comes with 14 built-in stitches and 35 stitch functions. The patterns are selected by turning the dial. This machine comes with a unique Fashion Faces™ decorative skins to customize the look of the machine. It comes with Pink Floral design on the front of the machine. There are 3 customization options in Blue Strip, Floral and Zebra. Even though it offers options to customize the looks, it is not a big deal. A quality of a sewing machine is measured in terms of its performance, not looks. I really don’t care about the looks of a sewing machine as long as it can provide quality stitches.

Brother LX3125E is free arm capable. The buttonholer is automatic 4-step. It has an automatic bobbin winding system as well. There is a lever for sewing in the reverse mode. Lighting is provided for working in the dark. The lighting is not great, but it is manageable. This machine can sew at a maximum speed of 900 stitches/minute which is very good for such a low cost sewing machine. There is a nice little storage compartment within the machine. This machine comes with a 25 year limited warranty.


Brother LX3125E is a machine for limited use (basic stuffs). Even though it is a low cost machine, it is not that great for beginners. It lacks some pretty straight forward features that a beginner needs. Front loading bobbin makes it very difficult for beginners to figure out the method initially. Threading the needle is also a pain.

The tension is very easy to fix. This machine is extremely light and portable. It weighs just 13.20 pounds. Even though this machine lacks some features, it does a good job with whatever limited features it has. If you take the price out of the equation and measure up this machine for its performance, based on the available features, it holds up good. You get what you pay for.


It comes with a 4-step buttonhole instead of 1-step which is kind of a disadvantage especially for beginners. It doesn’t have an automatic needle threader. The bobbin is front loading which is again another feature that is not beginner friendly. Spend couple of dollars more and you will get another Brother model with all these features.


  • Good for basic stuffs
  • Portable


  • No 1-step buttonhole
  • No automatic needle threader
  • No drop-in bobbin
  • Unreasonable price


To be honest, Brother LX3125E is not a great beginners machine. The price is not reasonable at all. Probably you can buy it for your kids to play around. Not really worth, feature wise. I really don’t like the price of this machine. Who will buy such a machine with limited features when you can get a superior machine in Brother XL2600 for couple of dollars more. I would always recommend XL2600. It has drop-in bobbin, automatic needle threader and 1-step buttonhole. Moreover it ranks 2nd in our list of ‘Top 10 Sewing Machines Under $200’.

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