JUKI MO654DE Review

Some might consider JUKI MO654DE as expensive. If you are looking for performance, you really don’t need to worry about the price.

JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger – Main Features

  • 2/3/4 Thread options
  • Color coded threading system
  • Disengaging loopers
  • Built-in rolled hemming
  • Industrial tension and cutting system
  • Built-in sewing guage
  • Differential feed

JUKI MO654DE Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : HIGH

MO654DE is a slightly expensive one. It is a 2/3/4 Thread serger. Juki is a Japanese company which makes high quality industrial sewing machines. They have been a global leader in industrial sewing machines for 65 years. MO654DE comes with color coded threading system in which all the paths are well marked. This must make it very easy to thread. Tension adjustment can be easily done by turning the dial. The dial is highlighted with ‘normal tensions’ for consistent results. Super easy looper threading system is one unique feature of this machine. You can thread in a matter of seconds as the lower looper threader gets disengaged for threading. You just need to slide the thread into the slot and snap the looper into place.

JUKI MO654DE comes with a multi-function presser foot which will allow you to create overlock stitches and add tape, elastic, ribbon, or sequins to your creations. It has snap-on presser feet for easy changing. The heavy duty knife system assures consistent and easy cutting for all kinds of fabrics. The built-in seam guide takes away any kind of guess work. The machine has some lighting, but it is not good enough, you will have to rely on exterior lighting. It is the old bulb inside not LEDs, hence poor lighting. You can easily adjust the cutting width by turning the dial, this will allow you to create perfect seams and rolled edges. The highlight of this serger is that automatic rolled hemming can be done quite easily with the flip of a switch. The differential feed adjustment system keeps things moving evenly. Stitch length can be adjusted using the dial. There is an extra-high presser foot lifter as well.

Stitches on MO654DE

  • 4-Thread Overlock
  • 3-Thread Flatlock
  • 3-Thread Narrow Overlock
  • 3-Thread Overlock
  • 3-Thread Rolled Hem
  • 2-Thread Rolled Hem
  • 2-Thread Overcast

This serger can sew at a speed of 1500 stitches/min. It weighs around 15.5 pounds which is pretty light for a serger.

Included accessories are

Presser foot
Large screwdriver
Small screwdriver
Spare lower knife
Spool caps
Thread nets
Vinyl cover
Needle pack
Brush & needle inserter
Needle threader
Guide bar
2/3 thread selector
Accessory pouch
Light bulb
Instruction manual
Foot control & power cord

Is It Really Worth Buying?

JUKI MO654DE ranks 6th in our list of “Top 10 Best Sergers Available In U.S”. It is a stable machine, it never moves around when you are sewing. A serger provides professional finish to your projects and this one does the same. The stitches are of high quality. The precise speed control and seam allowance markings make it easier for a beginner as well as a seasoned sewer. The machine comes threaded. Threading might be slightly difficult for beginners as this serger comes with a poorly written user manual. However, after repeated use, it will get easier and effortless. This machine has a wonderful knife, it cuts through all kinds fabric with ease. The 4 thread works quite well for swimwear like fabrics.It has a powerful motor for high performance and at the same time it is quite good for going slow around the curves. It is something that really impressed me.


For the price, Juki could have included coverstitch. The light is not great. As I have said earlier, the user manual is not great. It doesn’t have any instructions on how to do the various stitches.


  • Absolutely stunning speed control and precision
  • A high performance serger
  • Wonderful knife
  • Portable


  • No coverstitch
  • Poor user manual


Overall JUKI MO654DE is a very good option for small business owners. Its high performance and features are fully capable of delivering professional results. Even then, some may consider this to be slightly expensive.

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