Michley LSS-339 Review

Michley LSS-339 is a reasonably good mini sewing machine. It is inexpensive as well. But we still feel a better model from Michley is around the corner.

Michley LSS-339 Mini Sewing Machine – Main Features

  • 2 speed sewing
  • 2 type of stitches
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • AC or Battery operation
  • Lightweight
  • Stitch width adjustment

Michley LSS-339 Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : MODERATE

Over the years Michley has introduced some low cost mini sewing machines in the U.S market. LSS-339 is one such machine. It has 2 speed sewing. It features 2 type of stitches, straight stitch and zig zag stitch. A knob is provided for larger and smaller stitch sizes. It is a double-thread sewing machine. It can be operated with a hand switch or a foot pedal. One good feature is the auto thread rewind, just in case you run into some trouble. A manual thread cutter is provided for convenience.A sewing light is also there for assistance while working in low light conditions. There is a lever for engaging reverse sewing. Stitch width is adjustable to a certain extent.

Another good feature is the top drop-in bobbin with a clear plastic cover. The transparent cover lets you keep an eye on the thread supply. Michley has done a smart job by including drop-in bobbin in this machine. I have come across some $80 machines without a drop-in bobbin, they need to take a leaf out Michley’s book for sure. A power adapter is included in the box but you can operate the machine using batteries as well, a great feature for those who want to sew on the go.Michley LSS-339 has a small storage compartment. It is not large, it will be just about enough to store a few accessories. The machine is pretty light and weighs just 2.9 pounds.


When you look at the features of Michley LSS-339, you feel like you can’t ask more from a machine that is so inexpensive. It is an extremely portable sewing machine. It would be a good choice for those who want to use it as a starter machine. Threading was quite easy. The stitches are reasonably good. However it did skip stitches when tried with fleece. So forget about using this machine with denim. Hand stitching seems much more convenient than the foot pedal.


No needle guard is provided for safety, so children will need adult supervision. One thing I noticed with Michley machines are that they tend to be louder than others and LSS-339 is not an exception. Another thing is that the presser foot lift is not good enough. You can’t really get more than one layer of fabric under.


  • Inexpensive
  • Extremely light
  • Easy to thread


  • No needle guard
  • Loud

Is It Worth Buying ?

I will never recommend Michley LSS-339 for an adult. However it will be a good choice for young ones who want to learn how to sew. But still I feel Michley LSS-505 will work better for a starter sewer. Yes it costs few dollars more, but it offers much more in quality and features. Moreover it ranks first in our list of ‘Top 6 Best Mini Sewing Machines Available In U.S‘.

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