Janome DC2012 Review

It is a delight to sew on Janome DC2012. I wonder why I waited this long to review this machine. The price is slightly on the higher side though.

Janome DC2012 Computerized Sewing Machine Features

  • 50 built-in stitches
  • Auto-lock feature
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Thread cutter
  • Memorized needle up/down

Janome DC2012 Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : HIGH

Janome rolls out a decor machine with the year name each year. As you can make out from the model name itself, DC2012 was released in 2012. Two more decor sewing machines were released after that, the DC2013 and DC2014. Now you might be wondering why you should even consider DC2012 when newer models are available. The reason is, Janome hasn’t made any changes in these machines except for the machine color. There are no feature changes across the models. And the interesting thing is that, DC2012 is few dollars cheaper than DC2013 and DC2014. DC2012 comes in a beautiful green color.

Janome DC2012 comes with 50 built-in stitches including 3 auto 1-step buttonholes. There are a lot of convenient features on this sewing machine. The backlit LED screen lets you select the stitches you want. The automatic needle threader threads the needle for you. Memorized needle up/down feature is very important for a quilter. It makes pivoting very easy. Auto-lock feature is also there. The stitch chart on the machine also tells you which foot to use for a particular stitch.

The speed control slider has high,low and medium speed settings. The needle up/down, locking stitch, and reverse stitch buttons are placed in such a way that they are very easy to reach. The top drop-in bobbin is great convenience for beginners. The stitch length on DC2012 can be set to a maximum of 5mm and stitch width up to 7mm. It has drop feed system as well. A thread cutter is on the side of the machine, you can end sewing and cut the thread all in one motion. The extra-high presser foot lift is provided for extra clearance. It comes really useful while sewing multiple layers of fabric.

Janome DC2012 has 15 needle positions. The machine can be used for free arm sewing by removing the accessory tray. The presser foot is snap-on. The halogen light bulb provides good enough lighting. A retractable carry handle is provided for portability. The machine weighs 23.2 lbs which is on the heavier side. It is a good thing as most parts are metal. It comes with 25 year limited warranty.

Accessories included are

1) Bobbin
2) Needle set
3) Satin Stitch Foot F
4) Zipper Foot E
5) Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
6) Overage foot C
7) Blind hem foot G
8) Seam ripper
9) Screwdriver
10) Lint brush
11) Quilter bar
12) Foot control
13) Additional spool pin
14) Spool pin felt
15) Spool stand
16) Spool holder (large)
17) Spool holder (small)
18) Instruction book
19) Power supply cord


First of all, this machine is extremely easy to thread. You just need to follow the thread guide marked on the machine. The user manual explains everything in detail. It is one of the easiest machines to set up. DC2012 works good on all kinds of fabrics. It is a workhorse literally. This is a durable sewing machine. This is quite sturdy with more metal parts than most other machines. I am not saying that this is all metal, there are some plastic parts but they are not cheap plastic.

The stitch quality of DC2012 is of the highest grade. You can sew perfect straight stitches without even touching the fabric. The lock stitch provides great professional finish to the projects. The overall design of the machine is pretty simple. It operates smoothly and quietly.  One huge advantage of this machine is the stitch #3, with which you can back-stitch automatically at the beginning and the end of a seem. It sews through several layers of denim without any trouble at all. Ease of use wise, it is a wonderful machine. Every button is nicely placed. The machine is not overcrowded with dials and knobs, which is a huge relief.


The price is on the higher side I guess. For the price, Janome could have included at least 80 built-in stitches.


  • High quality stitches
  • Works well on all kind of fabrics
  • Auto-lock features is excellent
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet


  • Expensive
  • Less number of built-in stitches


To be honest, I am really surprised to see how good it is and why I waited this long to review DC2012. The best testimony comes from its users itself. No one ever complained about its quality or working. It is a highly recommended sewing machine. Moreover it is few dollars cheaper than DC2013 and DC2014 which are literally the same except for the color scheme. It surely is one of the best computerized sewing machines in terms of quality.

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