Juki DDL-8700 Review

Juki DDL-8700 is a wonderful straight stitch sewing machine. The included needles may disappoint you though.

Juki DDL-8700 Straight Stitch Sewing Machine Features

  • 5500 stitches/min
  • Variable speed control
  • Servo motor

Juki DDL-8700 Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : HIGH

DDL-870 is an industrial, single needle, straight stitch sewing machine. The main issue with Juki is that, not a lot of people in U.S are aware of Juki as a brand. Juki is from Japan, they are famous for their industrial sewing machines. They have their presence in 170 nations around the world. Juki is the main supplier of sewing machine parts to all popular brands. I hope, this will give you some idea about Juki as a brand.

It is a great thing that DDL-870 comes with a servo motor rather than the clutch motor. Servo motor is the best when it comes to controlling the sewing speed. Servo motors also consume 60% lesser energy when compared to clutch motors. They are 1/3 lighter as well. The variable speed of servo motor makes it easy to use for beginners. The maximum sewing speed that can be attained is 5500 stitches/min. The maximum stitch length is 5mm.

Juki DDL-8700 comes assembled with the table itself. No setting up is required. However, you might need couple of persons to help you out while moving it around. It is really heavy, to be honest.


One thing I really liked about Juki DDL-8700 is the amazing speed control you can get. You can go really really slow if you want and it goes crazy at top speeds. The stitch quality is really impressive at high speeds. The motor is very quiet (no more annoying sound), pretty impressive for such a powerful motor.  This is a great machine for light to medium weight fabrics, it does a great job with denim and canvas provided you use the right needles.This machine has one of the best looking straight stitches I have ever seen.

Juki DDL-8700 Problems

One problem I found with Juki DDL-8700 is that the needles that come included in the box is not that strong. You may break it. So you would be better of buying stronger needles separately.

It is not an ideal machine for sewing leather.


  • Absolute quality
  • Consistent stitches
  • Extremely quiet when compared to other straight stitch machines
  • Works equally well on slow and fast speeds
  • Workhorse


  • Included needles are not really strong
  • Cannot be used with leather materials

Is It Worth Buying ?

Overall, Juki DDL-8700 is a great straight stitch sewing machine. It is reliable, durable, quiet and it can give you miles and miles of quality straight stitches. Most fashion schools in America use this machine, which on itself is a testimony for its quality and durability. The selling point of this machine is the stunning servo motor it has. The feedback from users are also very good. In fact it has the highest ratings for a straight stitch only sewing machine.

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