Sew Cool Machine Review

Sew Cool Machine can only be considered as a toy. You can’t expect a lot from this machine, but it does what it is supposed to do.

Sew Cool Machine Features

  • Threadless sewing
  • Needle guard for safety
  • 9 included projects

Sew Cool Machine Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : MODERATE

Do not mistake Sew Cool Machine for a normal sewing machine. This is a toy machine made for girls of above 6 years. It doesn’t use any thread at all. Threadless sewing is the highlight of this machine. Girls can learn their first few sewing lessons with Sew Cool Machine. The machine comes with 9 built-in designs. The box looks pretty cute, it will grab your attention for sure. The project instructions are well detailed in the user manual with the help of diagrams. It is a good thing that the manufacturer hasn’t cut corners on safety features. It features a needle guard for protecting your princess’ fingers.

The machine requires 4AA batteries to operate. You can start/stop sewing by pressing the huge button in front of the machine. The box includes

  • 8 sheets of fabric
  • 3 Pre-cut Projects
  • 1 Strap
  • 22 Embellishments
  • 1 Bag of Stuffing
  • User manual
  • Machine


The stitches are of decent strength.  It does require some effort to pull off the stitches. Instead of the the thread, Sew Cool Machine uses the fabric itself for stitching. Even though the machine weighs just 1.7 pounds, it looks solid. You don’t get that cheap plastic kind of feel this machine. This is kind of a practice machine for girls, something that they can use before they start working on a real sewing machine. The included projects are super cute, I have to say that. Personally, I love them. It is very easy to teach how to use this machine.


You can’t use any other fabric with this machine except the one sold by Sew Cool (that’s according to the manufactures, I have used felt without any trouble). The fabric sold by Sew Cool are costly.

Durability of Sew Cool Machine is one thing that everyone is doubtful of. You can’t expect a toy to last for ever. However it doesn’t break that easily as I have already dropped it couple of times. It depends on how you handle it.

You can’t use more than 2 layers.


  • Cute looking projects
  • Easy to use
  • Decent stitch quality


  • Less durable

Is It Worth Buying ?

Never expect sewing wonders from this machine, it is not designed for that. But I am sure that it will be a great gift to your daughter. It is not a complicated machine at all. If she is of the type who looks after her belongings, this machine should last. Rough handling is not recommended at all.

If your daughter is really serious about sewing you may consider Janome Sew Mini which costs few dollars more than Sew Cool Machine. It is one of the best mini sewing machine you can get in U.S.

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