Brother CS6000i Vs Brother XL2600I – Ultimate Comparison

Brother CS6000i and Brother XL2600I are two popular beginners sewing machines in U.S. Both differ quite a lot in features and price.

First of all, let me tell you one thing. Currently Brother XL2600I costs only half the price (almost) of Brother CS6000i. Since you are comparing two sewing machines, out of which, one machine costs almost double the price of the other, there has to be quite a lot of difference in features. But there are two common factors that keep these machines together, quality and sales volume. Among beginners sewing machines in U.S, no other sewing machine comes even close to the sales volume of Brother CS6000i and XL2600I. Both these machines have been the best sellers ever since they were released, so there has to be something good about these machines for sure. Sometimes you can make out the quality of a machine from the sales volume because demand comes from quality and mouth to mouth publicity. Some may argue that it can be due to promotions, yes you can promote products in the beginning , but not for ever. To be on the top even 7 years after release, is strictly because of the quality.

Brother CS6000i Vs Brother XL2600I – Features Comparison

First, we will go through the differences, then we will have a look at all common features.

Basic Functioning : Both these sewing machines might look similar in design (in fact all beginners sewing machines from Brother look pretty similar) but they differ a lot in features. CS6000i is a computerized sewing machine, XL2600I on the other hand is a mechanical sewing machine. CS6000i being a computerized sewing machine, you can sew without the foot pedal (much like the auto pilot feature on the flight). Even though you are not using the foot pedal, you are still in control of the sewing speed as there are 3 speed settings LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH. You can use the foot pedal if you are not comfortable with the automatic sewing feature. XL2600I on the other hand, works on the good old principle of mechanical sewing machines i.e sewing with the foot pedal.

LCD Screen : CS6000i, like all computerized sewing machines will have an LCD screen for stitch selection, stitch length and width adjustments. Stitch selection on XL2600I is done by turning the dial.

Built-in Stitches : Understandably CS6000i comes with more built-in stitches, 60 of them including 7 one-step buttonholes. Whereas XL2600I has one 25 built-in stitches which also includes a one-step buttonhole.

Sewing Light : CS6000i has dual LED that provides decent lighting. XL2600I comes with a single bulb.

Thread Cutter : CS6000i features a manual thread cutter which is absent on XL2600I. You need scissors to cut the thread if you are using XL2600I.

Motor : CS6000i has a slightly more powerful motor. It is not a huge difference. Mathematically, CS6000i’s motor is 6% more powerful. It is not big, so you won’t feel it.

Stitch Width & Length : CS6000i will be a better option for those who want to experiment with stitch width and length. The maximum stitch width and length on CS6000i is 7mm and 5mm respectively. On the other hand, XL2600I has a maximum stitch width and length of 4mm and 5mm respectively.

Quilting Table : You will get a quilting table along with CS6000i as a bonus accessory. The table is really useful while working on large projects.

Machine Weight : Understandably CS6000i is the heavier one. But the difference is only 2 pounds.

Below table gives a side by side comparison of all the features.

Sewing Machine Features

Brother CS6000i

Brother XL2600I

Stitch Selection

LCD Display


Automatic Needle Threader



Thread Cutter



Bobbin System

Top drop-in

Top Drop-in

Motor Speed

850 stitches/min

800 stitches/min

Built-in Stitches



Buttonhole Styles

7 1-step


Max Stitch Width



Max Stitch Length



Start/Stop Button & Speed Control



Free Motion



Free Arm



Quilting Table



Foot Pedal



Machine Weight

13 lbs

11 lbs


25 year limited warranty

25 year limited warranty

Brother CS6000i Vs Brother XL2600I – Performance Comparison

To honest, we are not doing any justice to XL2600I by comparing it with CS6000i (due to the price difference). Both are wonderful performers in their respective category. Probably you can say that CS6000i is better with denim and for quilting.


The choice strictly depends on your budget and the features you need. Both the machines are right on top in quality. XL2600I is the best sewing machine under $100 price category and CS6000i is the best in the under $200 category. Moreover CS6000i features in our list of ‘Machines You Can Buy With Your Eyes Shut’, there are only 5 sewing machines in that list and CS6000i is one among them. If you are really serious about sewing and you are a fast learner, you need Cs6000i as it offers more in terms of creativity. If you are worried about the budget, you can go with XL2600I and still be happy with a wonderful mechanical sewing machine.

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