Drop In Bobbin Vs Front Load Bobbin

Front loading bobbins were the first on the scene. But drop-in bobbins have replaced them in modern sewing machines and there are many reasons for it

Drop In Bobbin Vs Front Load Bobbin has been an ongoing debate for some time now. Front loading bobbin has been here for ever now. Drop-in bobbin is the innovation of the modern world. Front loading bobbin didn’t change too much in all these years. Now we are in 2015 and we are into the second generation of drop-in bobbin systems, which are more efficient technically.

Most modern sewing machines come with drop-in bobbins. For example, if you go through our 2015 list of 10 Best Beginners Sewing Machines Under $200, only two of them features a front loading bobbin. This is a clear indication that the era of front loading bobbin is fading away. The main issue with front loading bobbin is that it is harder to change the bobbin. Moreover, you will have to play with it for a while to get the right amount of tension which is critical for the stitch quality.

Drop In Bobbin Vs Front Load BobbinOn front loading bobbin machines, you will have to remove the accessory compartment to change the bobbin, this is a huge inconvenience especially for beginners. Drop-in bobbins (shown in the figure) on the other hand is much more beginner friendly. Modern drop-in systems are way better than older ones. When compared to front-loading counterparts, drop-ins provide better stitch quality and are much more easier to thread. All drop-in bobbin machines (well most of them), now come with a clear cover, with this you can keep track of the amount of thread left in the bobbin.

Which One To Go For ?

It is always good to know how to sew with both types bobbins. But if you are a beginner, I will always recommend a machine with drop-in bobbin. It is less complicated and you can spend more time sewing rather than running after screwdrivers. To me, front loading bobbins are simply outdated piece of technology.

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