Brother XR9500PRW Vs Singer 7258 – Detailed Comparison

Brother XR9500PRW and Singer 7258 are very popular and comes with a similar price tag. Though it may seem confusing, there is always an option to make.

Brother XR9500PRW and Singer 7258 are two popular beginners sewing machines. They are very closely priced and when you look at the features, you will see a lot of similarity there as well. Both machines have excellent track record. Last year XR9500PRW was chosen as the best sewing machine for the money under $300.  Singer 7258 on the other hand has always been in top 3 positions for best beginners sewing machines list. So in this comparison, our focus will be on value for money. Let us see which machine offers more value for your hard earned money.

Brother XR9500PRW Vs Singer 7258 – Features Comparison

First let us have a look at the features and then move on to quality and performance comparison.

Built-in Stitches : Both machines have 100 built-in stitches each. So points are shared. However Brother XR9500PRW has an additional 1-step buttonhole which is made up by an extra decorative stitch on Singer 7258. XR9500PRW has 8 1-step buttonholes and Singer 7258 comes with 7.

Font For Monogramming : This is where XR9500PRW really scores. It comes with a built-in font for basic monogramming. The 55 alphanumeric stitches really come handy while monogramming. Singer 7258 doesn’t have a sewing font.

Thread Tension : XR9500PRW comes with manual tension and 7258 comes with automatic tension. You can’t clearly say one is better over the other, because it very much user dependent. However, you can give a point to Singer machine as the tension is automatically adjusted according to the type of fabric. The Brother machine’s tension on the other hand seems to be perfect, you need a little or no adjustment at all. So it is kind of even stevens here.

Stitch Width : The Brother machine scores here with a maximum stitch width of 7mm, whereas 7258 comes with a maximum stitch width of 6mm.

Motor : XR9500PRW clearly has the more powerful motor of the two. XR9500PRW’s motor can deliver 850 stitches/min whereas Singer 7258’s motor can only sew at a speed of 750 stitches/min. So in terms of fast stitching, the Brother machine has a clear advantage.

LCD Screen : XR9500PRW has a better screen in terms of visibility. It is backlit as well. Singer 7258’s screen is small and is not backlit.

Drop Feed : If you are looking for a machine to do some free-motion quilting projects, then go with Brother XR9500PRW as Singer 7258 doesn’t come with an option to drop feed dogs. I think Singer forgot to include that as an option. Even $100 machines now come with an option to drop feed dogs.

Machine Weight : Brother XR9500PRW is 4.68 pounds lighter than Singer 7258. You can look at this in two ways. In terms of portability XR9500PRW is the best bet. However in terms of durability, I guess Singer 7258 is better because more metal is used for construction.

Included Presser Feet : Singer 7258 comes with 10 included presser feet, whereas XR9500PRW comes with only 7.

Extra wide Table : Brother XR9500PRW comes with an extra wide table for accommodating large projects. So while comparing the prices, you will have to consider the table price as well.

Now let us have a look at the features as a whole.

Sewing Machine Features

Brother XR9500PRW

Singer 7258

Stitch Selection

Backlit LCD Display

LCD Display

Automatic Needle Threader



Thread Tension Adjustment



Bobbin System

Top drop-in

Top Drop-in

Motor Speed

850 stitches/min

750 stitches/min

Included Standard Presser Feet



Built-in Stitches



Buttonhole Styles

8 1-step

7 1-step

Built-in Sewing Lettering Fonts



Max Stitch Width



Start/Stop Button & Speed Control



Programmable Needle Up/Down



Free Motion



Free Arm



Quilting Table



Hard Cover



Foot Pedal



Machine Weight

9.92 lbs

14.6 lbs


25 year limited warranty

25 year limited warranty

Brother XR9500PRW Vs Singer 7258 – Performance Comparison

There is very little to choose between the two. Both are high performing sewing machines. The stitch quality is excellent on both machines. However at higher speeds, XR9500PRW performs slightly better as it is equipped with a powerful motor. Actually, I am admirer of these two machines. The way they perform on denim and other heavy-duty fabrics takes them to  a whole different level.


It is a tough choice. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. It more or less comes down to the price. Compare the prices and go for the one that is less expensive. And one more thing, if monogramming and free-motion quilting is an important part of your projects, always go with Brother XR9500PRW.

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