Juki HZL-G110 Review

Juki HZL-G110 is an excellent machine for advanced sewers. It is feature packed. However the built-in font is not really up to the mark.

Juki HZL-G110 Main Features

  • 180 built-in stitches
  • Variable speed control
  • Programmable needle up/down
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Large machine throat

Juki HZL-G110 Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : HIGH

In America, Juki is not as popular as Bernina, Singer or Brother, but Juki has been making sewing machines for quite some time now. Juki machines are now sold in 150 countries across the globe, including USA. HZL-G110 is an advanced sewing machine from Juki. Its price and features clearly suggest that it is designed with advanced sewers in mind. The machine comes with 180 built-in stitches including 8 fully automatic one-step buttonholes and 1 font (upper case, lower case, numbers, punctuations and special characters) for monogramming.

Juki HZL-G110 has a lot of advanced features on board. All the settings can be viewed on the LED screen. Arrow keys are provided for selecting the stitch number. The best thing about the LED screen of this machine is that, it is very easy to understand. When you select a particular stitch, the stitch length, stitch width and recommended presser foot are displayed on screen. Now, if you want to adjust the stitch width and length, you can always use the arrow keys right below the screen. The maximum stitch width is 7mm and stitch length is 5mm.

HZL-G110 comes with sewing start/stop switch and speed control slider. You can control the sewing speed from 90 stitches/minute to 900 stitches/minute, this allows more versatility to the machine. The automatic needle threader saves some eye strain, especially for elder people. The programmable needle position button is really handy for quilters. You can do lock stitching by using the reverse button. There are 37 needle positions available on this machine.

The most useful feature of Juki HZL-G110 is the ability to combine stitches or lettering into sequences and save it on the machine. The machine’s built-in memory is capable of saving up to 70 pattern sequences which can be retrieved with just the touch of a button. If you want to do free-motion sewing, you can drop the feed dog with the flip of a switch. The machine comes with 7 point feed dog with industrial box feed system. This ensures consistent stitch quality, be it heavy-duty or lightweight fabrics.

Juki HZL-G110 has an extra high presser foot lift of 12mm, which is really useful while sewing multiple layers of fabric. HZL-G110 has a powerful motor when compared to its competitors. The motor can deliver a maximum of 900 stitches/min (In the price range, you normally get a max speed of 850 spm, so Juki has done a better job by giving it a more powerful motor).  The machine is capable of doing free arm sewing as well. Bright LED bulbs illuminate the work space well. It comes with an included hard cover. The machine is heavy, weighs 21.6 pounds, which is a clear indication that heavy-duty metal is used inside (which is always good for durability).


Juki HZL-G110 offers large sewing space. The throat measurement comes close to 8 inches, which is more than enough for large projects. Drop-in bobbin makes changing bobbin effortless. It is a decent sized machine, so it is very stable while operating at high speeds. All stitches come out nice and crisp except for the fonts. It isn’t an overly loud machine, but it isn’t that quiet either. The machine works very well on heavy-duty fabrics like denim and canvas. It will work flawlessly until you are trying to sew 8 plus layers of denim or something like that.


The font that comes with this machine is not ideal for monogramming, it is a bit too plain for me. The stitch quality of letters are not as much as you expect for doing monogram.

LED screen is not backlit.

At this price, normally you would expect an automatic thread cutter, unfortunately Juki stayed away from that.


  • Nice variety of stitches
  • Excellent stitch quality
  • Large throat
  • Advanced features


  • Fonts are not great

Is It Worth Buying ?

Yes. Juki HZL-G110 is a good quality sewing machine that will work well for an advanced sewer. However, some may find it slightly expensive. If you are looking for a less expensive sewing machine with similar features, you can have a look at Brother DZ2400. It is another quality machine with excellent track record.

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