SINGER 132Q Review

To be honest SINGER 132Q is an outdated sewing machine. Buying this machine doesn’t make a lot of sense now. There are better machines from Singer itself.

SINGER 132Q Main Features

  • 32 Stitch functions
  • Free arm
  • Easy reverse
  • Lightweight

SINGER 132Q Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : LOW

132Q is a lightweight sewing machine. This isn’t an overly popular model from Singer. Actually it is an outdated model. The machine comes with 32 stitch functions (keep in mind that it is stitch functions, not built-in stitches, both are different). The machine also has a five-step buttonhole (this is pretty outdated, even 4-step buttonholes are outdated now, 1-step buttonhole is the way to go). The oversized reverse stitch lever is conveniently placed for easy access.

Tension is set automatically. SINGER 132Q comes with two needle positions (at least 3 is the standard nowadays). A sewing light is provided for working in the dark. For sewing cuffs and collars, you can convert the machine to free arm. The machine comes with an extension table as well.


Being a lightweight sewing machine, you can easily carry it around. This will be a huge advantage for those who are attending sewing classes. The machine is designed primarily for quilters (the Q in the model name should have been an early indication), even then it doesn’t have a drop feed lever for free-motion quilting (odd isn’t it). The build quality of this machine is not really up to the mark. There are some areas where there is too much use of plastic where Singer should have gone with metal. There were some issues with tension as well.

Is It Worth Buying ?

SINGER 132Q is a very outdated machine. Now you are in 2015 and it is very hard to find a new 132Q. Almost all that are on sale are refurbished ones. I think there is no point in buying a refurbished 132Q, all you can do is some basic lightweight sewing (at most). It is very difficult to find accessories as well. Buying this machine would have made sense some 10 years ago. Instead I would recommend a modern sewing machine like the Singer 4423, which is the best heavy duty sewing machine under $200. Or you can even try the inexpensive Brother XL2600I, which is the King of Low Cost Sewing Machines.

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