UKICRA CBT-0201 Review

UKICRA CBT-0201 will work for basic tasks. But you can’t rely on it as your main machine.

UKICRA CBT-0201 Main Features

  • Straight Stitch
  • Double Speed
  • Sewing Light
  • AC and Battery Operation

UKICRA CBT-0201 Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : LOW

UKICRA CBT-0201 is a very inexpensive straight stitch only mini sewing machine. This is a machine designed for very basic stuffs. Do not expect a lot from this machine. It has two speed settings, high and low. You can operate the machine with or without foot pedal. The machine comes with a built-in LED sewing light. An automatic threading function is built-in. The automatic threading function is not the one you normally get on expensive machines like Brother XL2600I (in which, the machine actually threads the needle for you, this one is not like that). It just acts like a threading aid, that’s all. Apart from AC, it will also run on 4 AA batteries which needs to bought separately. Tension can be adjusted by rotating a knob, the knob looks flimsy though. Weighing at just 1.6 pounds, it is very easy to carry it around.


UKICRA CBT-0201 is a ‘you get what you pay for’ kind of a machine. The build quality is not overly exciting. The instructions are not very clear, but if you have some sewing experience behind you, it won’t be a huge issue. It is difficult to get the tension right in most cases. Due to inconsistent tension, the thread snaps very frequently.

Is It Worth Buying ?

You cannot use UKICRA CBT-0201 as your main machine. You can use it as a back up option. Even then, I am not really convinced with the quality on offer. You would be better of going with alternatives like Michley LSS-505 which comes in the same price range. As far as mini sewing machines are concerned, Michley LSS-505 is the best by some distance.

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