5 Best Sewing Machines Between $700 – $1200

Exclusive list of best sewing machines that you can get in US for $700 – $1200. Only tried and tested, high quality machines are listed.

You need to be really careful while choosing expensive sewing machines. You are investing a lot of money, so you need to be absolutely sure about the quality and performance of the machine you are buying. Every brand makes mistakes, do not have a false impression that all the machines from the same brand have the same quality (if that was the case, then there would only be a single successful brand in US). Rather than becoming brand conscious, you would be better of being price conscious. Pick your budget range and then choose the best machine in that price band. This strategy really helped me choose the best sewing machines, the method of being brand loyal didn’t work out for me (It did come off at times, but the consistency was not there).

So here, we are dealing with the price range between $700 – $1200. I have tried my level best to compile the list of 5 best sewing machines that you can purchase in the $700 – $1200 price category. I am not claiming that this is the best you can get, I have only included machines that I was able to test at least for a duration of 4 weeks. I can’t comment on machines that I didn’t get my hands on. So please bear with me.

1. Janome MC-6300P

MC-6300P might be in the border of the price range but this is as close to perfection you can get with a sewing machine. This is what we call a dream machine for quilters. Its build quality is excellent, thanks to the heavy duty construction. Feature wise, this machine doesn’t have the bells and whistles you normally get on sewing machines of this price. But it does one thing pretty well, it sews high quality stitches. MC-6300P has 66 built-in stitches including 4 one-step buttonholes. It has a large sewing space of 9″. The motor can deliver a maximum of 1000 stitches/min. Other features include automatic needle threader and thread cutter, knee lifter, programmable needle up/down, speed control slider, memory capability etc. MC-6300P is as close you can get to your dream of ‘Problem Free Sewing Machine’.

Cons : There is no option to do free arm sewing. The built-in sewing light is pretty dim as well.

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2. Singer Futura XL-550

If you have embroidery in mind, Futura XL-550 is the best in the price range. To be honest, the price fluctuates a lot. XL-550 is the only sewing and embroidery combo machine in this list. This is a feature packed sewing machine. It has 215 sewing stitches and 125 embroidery designs built-in. In addition to that, the machine has USB compatibility for importing designs from the internet. The room for creativity is unlimited on this machine. As far as features are concerned, this machine is a beast. The embroidery hoop of 10 X 6 inch is capable of handling large projects. Even better is the ability to multihoop, with which you can create designs up to 4 times the maximum hoop size. The built-in memory allows you to save stitch combinations. Stitch and embroidery quality is pretty good. The build quality is also good. Other features include automatic needle threader and thread cutter, programmable needle up/down, sewing speed control slider etc.

Cons : The automatic needle threader is not that great. Another thing is that the motor of XL-550 is not as powerful as that of Janome MC-6300P.

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3. Juki TL-2010Q

Looking for a straight stitch only sewing machine ? Juki TL-2010Q is the one to consider. This is an all metal sewing machine (yes there are some unavoidable plastic parts, but most are metal), which is why the price is in the range of $1000. There is no question about the durability of this machine. The motor is really powerful and it sews at incredible speeds (you will be surprised for sure). It can sew anything you throw at it.

Cons : The machine needs to be oiled pretty often. No computerized controls, it is just a mechanical sewing machine.

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4. Juki TL-2000Qi

This machine is the same as the previous machine in this list, which is the TL-2010Q. The only difference is that TL-2010Q comes with two extra feet and thread sub tensioner which improves stitch quality. I would advice you to compare the prices of both TL-2010Q and TL-2000Qi. Currently TL-2010Q is much more expensive than TL-2000Qi which is not justifiable for the extra accessories and sub tensioner. So compare the prices and if the price difference is just around $50 (assuming TL-2010Q as the expensive one), go with TL-2010Q, anything more than that is absolutely not worth it.

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5. Brother Laura Ashley PC660LA

This is the least expensive computerized sewing machine in this list. It is also an upcoming model. It was released very recently. There are 303 built-in stitches including 10 one-step buttonholes and 3 sewing fonts for monogramming. The machine has a built-in memory to save up to 10 personalized patterns. Operation is smooth and stitches are of very good quality.

Cons : Being a new entrant in the market, nobody is able to comment on the durability factor.

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