Brother 3234DT Review

Brother 3234DT is a quality serger with some nice features. It does offer a lot more creative options. However the trim trap needs a slight improvement.

Brother 3234DT Main Features

  • 2,3 or 4 thread capability
  • Differential Feed
  • Retractable blade
  • Color coded lay-in threading
  • Automatic needle threader

Brother 3234DT Review

Sewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : HIGH

Brother 3234DT is a 2,3, or 4 thread serger. It is a new kid in the block. It was released in May 2015. You can’t really call it a beginners serger, the ‘intermediate’ tags suits it better. 2,3, or 4 thread capability gives you more creative options as compared to a 3 or 4 thread serger like Brother 1034D. With 2 thread capability, you can handle delicate fabrics with more ease. Brother 3234DT comes with color coded lay-in threading system, which is pretty much a standard on even $180 sergers nowadays, so no surprises there.

Brother 3234DT comes with differential feed to ensure consistent stitch quality. The stitch width is 5-7mm from left needle and stitch length is 0.8-4.0mm. The serger has a powerful motor capable of delivering 1300 stitches/minute.

The LED work lights illuminate the works space quite well. The large extension table enables you to handle large projects with ease. There is also an accessory storage compartment inside the table. The retractable blade prevents accidental fabric cutting while working close to the edge. Removable free arm allows you to sew cuffs and sleeves. A removable trim trap is provided to collect the trimmed fabric pieces.

You can adjust the presser foot height on Brother 3234DT in 3 levels with the help of a dial. This is really handy while working with fabrics of different thickness. An additional stitch finger is provided for preventing over-stretching of fabrics. An automatic needle threader is also provided. Gathering foot, blind stitch foot and standard foot comes included in the box. Brother 3234DT comes with a soft cover. The serger is pretty light in weight, it weighs just 13.45 pounds. It has 25 year limited warranty cover as well.


Brother 3234DT is an easy to thread serger. Everything is marked out and even beginners can thread it with ease (in fact, easy threading is one of its hallmarks). One good thing that Brother has done is that, they have included a lot of features at a reasonable price tag. Many features are the ones that you normally see on more expensive sergers. The build quality is excellent.

The machine is very powerful and works well with a variety of fabrics. It adjusts quite well with thick and thin fabrics. There is no lag at all. The machine doesn’t vibrate at all, it is absolutely firm footed. The automatic needle threader is really useful and it works all the time (much easier than most other sergers). The stitch quality is very good, it makes professional looking finished edges. The storage compartment is really handy as there is place for every accessory you use.


The removable trim trap doesn’t always fit back easily.


  • One of the easiest sergers to thread
  • Consistent stitch quality
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful motor


  • Not much

Is It Worth Buying ?

Brother 3234DT with its compact size, easy threading and consistent stitch quality, is definitely a serger to consider. This is a quality machine for sure.

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