Brother XL2610 Vs XL2600i – Detailed Comparison

A honest comparison between Brother XL2610 and XL2600i. In terms of value for money, one machine is definitely better than the other.

Brother XL2610 and XL2600i are two beginners machines that are in high demand in the under $100 price category. Since majority of people looking for these machines are beginners, they may not be able to figure out the difference between the two. So I will try my best to help you make a decision. Other than the difference in color, both the machines look identical in design. Brother XL2610 comes in pink whereas XL2600i comes in cyan color (I guess that’s what you call that color). Colors doesn’t matter for a sewing machine anyway.

One factor that makes this comparison significant, is the price. Currently there is a huge price gap between the two, with XL2610 being the more expensive machine. The price gap may become smaller according to shopping seasons, but as of now it is a yawning gap. So you must know which sewing machine offers more value for your hard earned money.

Brother XL2610 Vs XL2600i – Features Comparison

Now we are focusing on the feature differences between Brother XL2610 and XL2600i, apart from the color which we have already discussed.

Buttonhole : Brother XL2600i wins hands down here with an easy to use 1-step buttonhole. XL2610 on the other hand comes with a not so user-friendly 4-step buttonhole. Now, 4-step buttonhole is a thing of the past, modern sewing machines come with 1-step buttonholes. From beginners’ point of view, it makes sense to finish the buttonhole in one easy step rather than going through four different steps.

Drop Feed : Advantage XL2600i here as well, as it comes with an option to drop feed dogs. XL2610 doesn’t have this feature. Drop feed feature is used to do free motion sewing or quilting.

Another question that people ask often is about the stitch length and width. Brother’s official website has a mistake in this regard. On Brother website, it is given that XL2610 has preset stitch length and width. This makes the buyers believe that the stitch length and width is not adjustable on XL2610, which is not the case. The stitch width and length are adjustable on both XL2610 and XL2600i. Adjustment is done using dials. Maximum stitch width is 4mm and stitch length is 5mm.

Other than the above said differences, both the machines are the same.

Sewing Machine FeaturesBrother XL2610Brother XL2600I
Stitch SelectionDialDial
Automatic Needle ThreaderYesYes
Independent Bobbin Winding MotorYesYes
Bobbin SystemTop drop-inTop Drop-in
Motor Speed800 stitches/min800 stitches/min
Built-in Stitches2525
Buttonhole Styles1 4-step1 1-step
Max Stitch Width4mm4mm
Max Stitch Length5mm5mm
Free Motion/Drop FeedNoYes
Free ArmYesYes
Foot PedalYesYes
Machine Weight11 lbs11 lbs
Warranty25 year limited warranty25 year limited warranty

Brother XL2610 Vs XL2600i – Performance Comparison

Do not expect these machines to sew multiple layers of thick fabrics. These machines are not designed for it. Lightweight to medium weight fabrics is the area of operation. Even though both machines do a good job with multiple layers of denim (up to 6), too many layers will stall them. Both the machines are built on the same platform, so you won’t be able to tell the difference in their stitch quality. However, I would rate XL2600i tad higher than XL2610 in terms of ease of use and performance. 1-step buttonhole and drop feed option are the main contributors for the higher rating.


Considering the better features and lower price (current price), I would consider Brother XL2600I as a much better deal than Brother XL2610. You are saving some dollars for accessories and at the same time, you will get a machine with better features.

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