3 Best Coverstitch Machines In US

A honest and impartial list of 3 best coverstitch machines that you can get in US without spending a fortune. Priority is given to quality only.

While there are sergers which can be converted to coverstitch, the conversion is very difficult and frustrating. Moreover, you won’t get the professional quality you are looking for. I am a perfectionist, I never liked the idea of compromising on quality, so I have always been a fan of specialized tools for different works. A coverstitch machine will give you that neat finish to hems, which sergers fail to provide. The tricky thing about coverstitch machines is that, you don’t have a lot of options to choose from (in comparison with the wide variety of sergers available in the market).

Honestly speaking, I couldn’t even find 10 good coverstitch machines that had the quality I am looking for. So I had to trim down this list to just 3. Here I have compiled a list of 3 best coverstitch machines that you can get without draining your pocket. One of them is expensive, the other two are very much affordable. I hope this list will help you make a decision.

1. Brother 2340CV

Undisputed leader among coverstitch machines. Brother 2340CV is simply a class above all other coverstitch machines available in US (of course in the under $500 price category). 70% of people looking for an affordable coverstitch machine, finally settle on this Brother machine. The stitch quality is right up there with the industrial machines. It has 2-3-4 thread coverstitch capability. It can do chain stitches and it comes with differential feed. It is the most affordable chainstitch machine in this list. 2340CV has the most powerful motor in this list. The reason why Brother 2340CV became so popular is because of its quality and affordability.

Cons : Threading is slightly difficult. Watching some YouTube videos will solve the issue.

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2. Janome CoverPro 900CPX

CoverPro 900CPX is Janome’s answer for Brother 2340CV and they have been reasonably successful at competing. Even then, CoverPro 900CPX has a long way to go to reach the level of acceptability that 2340CV achieved. This Janome machine has very good stitch quality and it can put in long hours of work without stalling. The motor is not as powerful as the Brother machine, but it is there and thereabouts. The machine can do 1 needle – 2 thread chain stitch, 2 needle – 3 thread cover stitch (remember that the Brother machine has 2-3-4 thread coverstitch). The machine is very quiet as well. CoverPro 900CPX is affordable and has very good quality associated with it.

Cons : There is no option to do narrow hems.

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3. Janome CoverPro 1000CPX

This is just a special mention, mainly because it is way more expensive than the 900CPX and doesn’t offer that many extra features. However the stitch quality is excellent. 1000CPX has 3 needle operation as against the 2 needle operation of 900CPX. Also the stitch width on 1000CPX is 6mm whereas 900CPX has only 5mm.

Cons : As I have said earlier, it is very expensive.

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