Michley SS-700 Review

If you take the price out of the equation, Michley SS-700 is a decent sewing machine for beginners. It will have a tough time competing with segment leaders.

Michley SS-700 Main Features

  • 12 built-in stitches
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • Manual thread cutter
  • Two speed sewing
  • Reverse sewing

Michley SS-700 Review

Michley SS-700 reviewSewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : MODERATE

After a while, I am reviewing a Michley product. Michley has been known for making inexpensive mini sewing machines. However SS-700 does not belong to that category, it is a premium offering by Michley’s standards. If it is a Michley, it has to be portable and SS-700 is no exception. Weighing at just 7.6 pounds, SS-700 is one of the lightest sewing machines around. The machine has 12 built-in stitches. Lack of a buttonhole stitch is a handicap for sure. Stitch selection is done by turning the dials. You can sew the machine at 2 speeds, Low and High.

The reverse sewing button on Michley SS-700 is of decent size and it is conveniently located. The machine comes with a bobbin winder as well. A manual thread cutter is built-in. I would have loved the machine if it had an automatic needle threader instead of the thread cutter (And for the price, it is a fair demand). You can sew sleeves easily on SS-700. An LED sewing light illuminates the work space. The bobbin is top drop-in type, so it will be easier for beginners to handle.


First of all, let me tell you one thing. Michley SS-700 is not the kind of machine that will sew multiple layers of denim or can put in long work hours. It is a basic sewing machine capable of doing basic stuffs like mending. The machine is pretty decent on ease of use. It is easy to thread. The stitch quality is decent for a sewing machine of this price. The High, Low speed settings will only work when the foot pedal is connected. The operation is quiet as well


Michley SS-700 is not quite competition ready. Michley could have priced it aggressively. As of now, it will face tough competition from one of Brother’s best selling sewing machines.


  • Portable
  • Quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Decent stitch quality


  • Expensive for the features

Is It Worth Buying?

I really liked the quality and performance of Michley SS-700. But it is placed in the segment of one of the best beginners sewing machines, I am talking about the Brother XL2600I. SS-700 is no match for the Brother machine. XL2600I has way more features and it is versatile. It has 25 built-in stitches, automatic needle threader, 1-step buttonhole etc. The stitch quality of the Brother machine is right up there with those $200 machines. Since Michley SS-700 is priced very close to Brother XL2600I, I don’t see many takers for the Michley machine. Better price might change the fortunes.

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