Singer 5532 Vs 4432 – Detailed Comparison

A honest comparison between two entry level heavy duty sewing machines, the Singer 5532 and 4432. One being very expensive, the choice is made easier.

While searching for a reasonably priced heavy duty sewing machine, you are bound to come across Singer 5532 and 4432. Singer 4432 is one of the most affordable heavy duty sewing machine in the under $200 price segment. It became popular due to its quality at such an affordable price. Singer 5532 on the other hand is a bit more expensive than 4432. 5532 made its name for its quality rather than affordability. However, I have seen 5532 receive some huge discounts during the shopping season, not so much for 4432. Currently, there is a yawning gap between the prices of 5532 and 4432. You can easily fit in another beginners’ machine in the price gap. Is it really worth spending the extra money on Singer 5532 ? Let us check out.

Singer 5532 Vs 4432 – Features Comparison

singer 5532 vs 4432 The first thing (probably the last too) you will notice is the slight difference in color. Even though both machines come in grey, 5532 has a greenish tinge to it. 4432 on the other hand is pure grey in color. Now coming to the point. Is there any other difference between the two machines in features? No, absolutely no. Feature wise, both machines are identical. Both machines have the same number of built-in stitches (32 of them). The stitches include 6 Basic Stitches, 7 Stretch Stitches, 18 Decorative Stitches and a 1-step buttonhole. Other features are identical as well.

Normally, while comparing sewing machines, I always include a table containing a side by side comparison of features. Since both machines are identical, I am skipping the table here, as both columns will have the same copy paste information.

Singer 5532 Vs 4432 – Performance Comparison

Both machines use the same motor and parts, so there is no difference in their performances. Both are known for its ability to sew multiple layers of denim. The stitch quality is excellent and beginners will find the machines very easy to use.


It is a no brainer. Don’t even think of buying Singer 5532. Go with 4432 and save the money for some accessories. This is my honest opinion. I still don’t understand one thing. Why did Singer release the same machine in different model numbers? May be for different suppliers I guess.

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