Singer 7363 Review

Stand alone, Singer 7363 is a good beginners machine. But the presence of better performing machines from Singer itself will make life tough for it.

Singer 7363 Main Features

  • 30 built-in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Extra high presser foot lifter
  • Top drop-in bobbin

Singer 7363 Review

Singer 7363 ReviewSewing Machine Reviews Recommendation Level : LOW

7363 is a new entrant in the ‘Confidence’ series of sewing machines rolled out by Singer. To be honest, 73 and 74 series of machines didn’t make an impact in the market as Singer would have expected. So 7363 is Singer’s next shot at it. The machine hasn’t reached all stores yet. I hope it will be widely available soon. Now, let us have a closer look at the machine. Singer 7363 has 30 built-in stitches including two 1-step buttonholes. 1-step buttonholes will be easier for beginners to handle when compared to 4-step ones.

Singer 7363 is not a computerized sewing machine as it lacks features like sewing start/stop, speed control slider, programmable needle up/down etc. You can call it an electronic sewing machine. The automatic needle threader on this machine, threads the needle for you. Stitches can be selected by pushing the buttons. Default stitch width and length can be adjusted for customization. There are built-in stretch stitches for stretchy fabrics and hand-look quilt stitch which look like hand sewing (these stitches will add creativity to your projects).

Top drop-in bobbin is a blessing for beginners. It is much more user-friendly than side loading ones. Tension and presser foot pressure is automatic. An extra high presser foot lifter is provided for more clearance while working with multiple layers of fabric. Easy access to cuffs and collars are possible, thanks to the free arm mode. 13 needle positions are available on the machine. There is an automatic bobbin winding clutch for safer bobbin winding.

The reverse sewing button of Singer 7363 is conveniently placed. A manual thread cutter is provided on the side, so you can eliminate the use of scissors. 7363 has a reasonably powerful motor capable of delivering 750 stitches/min. The 6 segment box feed system ensures consistent fabric feeding. An accessory storage compartment is built-in. The machine comes with a direct drive mechanism in which the needle bar is geared straight from the motor, rather than from a drive bar across the machine. This makes the machine more powerful and durable. 2 LED bulbs illuminate the work space.


Let me come straight to the point. Singer 7363 is not a fun machine. It doesn’t have a lot of features to excite you (which may be the reason why other machines in the series got a cold response). In close up, 7363 has most features required by a beginner but when you zoom out, other machines with better features and performance comes into the frame. The performance of 7363 is reasonable. The stitch quality is decent but you can’t say it is perfect.

Is It Worth Buying?

I am not very impressed with Singer 7363, especially when you have Singer 7258 as its competitor. It is a far superior machine in features and performance. In fact, Singer 7258 is one of the best sewing machines in the under $200 price category. 7363 is no match for 7258. Singer 7258 comes with 100 built-in stitches, sewing start/stop, variable speed control, programmable needle up/down etc. Even interesting thing is that, Singer 7258 is less expensive than 7363, which alone is a very good reason to go with 7258.

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